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I got scammed by a buyer and He used my product to make another product

Recently I got an order from a buyer to make a video and I worked days hard on that but after delivering two times with two versions, he opened a dispute saying he didn’t like the video I made and want to find an another seller and I accepted it because I didn’t want it to affect my profile
Days gone by I checked his streaming account which he shared with me even though I didn’t asked him to share , and found out that He made another intro using the clips that I made in my video.
So What should I do to justify this ? Please I need help from the community

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Since the order is cancelled there’s not much you can do , perhaps contacting support , show them the proof and that’s kinda it… maybe they could warn / ban the buyer.

A cancelation still affects your profile.

Watch buyers carefully. Learn the Red Flags. Scammers are lazy by nature (or working the big end of town) so they give off signs early.

As said above, try talking to Fiverr, with care as if you get emotional they will be less willing to help. Show the facts of what happened and now that despite cancelling, they are using the work which they have no rights to seeing it was unpaid. Maybe at least they will get it taken down.

Did you have Unlimited Revisions, 100% Satisfaction or similar on your Gig? If so get rid of it as this allows all of these scams to operate seeing they can always say not satisfied seeing you left it open forever. Maybe put your prices up too as scammers are scumbags so not willing to risk anything (hence not willing to do any real work).

Similarly look out for resellers as they do the same things.


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Too bad there are such people. Hope you can fix it somehow. <3

I guess you could potentially go down the copyright infringement path and flag the content on the third party site as being a breach of copyright. The best your going to get is the removal the video but that might be as far as you can go with this. In terms of recovering funds, if the order has been cancelled via Fiverr there is not much you can do I am afraid. Sometimes these situations are better cutting your loses and moving on.