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I got scammed by a buyer


I am a seller on Fiverr & recently I got scammed by a team of buyers!

So a few days ago A buyer asked for a digital product (game coins) which I have to buy for him using my money & he will pay through Fiverr. At first, I was skeptical about it so I asked him why he wanted to buy it from me as he always can buy it himself. He replied that he has some money on Fiverr which he can’t withdraw so he wanted me to buy the coins for him & he will pay me through Fiverr for my service. He also asked me to create a Gig for that so that his friends can order later. So I did create a Gig & they ordered. I delivered all the game coins using my money following all the rules & regulations of both parties. After that, they marked my orders as completed.

But today I see that one of the orders got canceled because the buyer reported my Gig & claimed his refund. I have all the video proof that I have sent him the game coin that he ordered for using my money. Now I have lost my money & the buyer got the Game Coins as well as his refund! What should I do now? I have completed 10 more orders for that team. Now I am afraid that they will do the same for those completed orders as well & take a refund for those orders. Please advice. I have video proof for all of those orders.


NOTE: THE BUYER WAS FROM ****************…

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