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I got scammed by buyer!

Hello there,

some days back I received an order and delivered the order and the buyer accepted it. After almost 20 days later when he used the stuff that I provided… Later he put a dispute and I Fiverr Refunded them!

And my biggest question is I do have some pending balance will they cut the refunded money from it?

NOTE: I did withdraw the payment of the false dispute order.

And contacted Fiverr but I didn’t get any reply from them!!


Check this out:


Means they will cut them money from my pending balance!!
Great I suffer loss and fake charges…

WOW i am really amazed by what happen…
I have not faith in fiverr now.

Thanks for your reply

Sounds terrible. Really sorry to hear, that things like this happens to Fiverr sellers and there is no way to protect ourselves


" Seller Protection - Fraud Chargebacks

Fiverr Has Your Back!

In cases where the service was provided in full, Fiverr will protect you from fraud chargebacks. The funds will be added back to your account, and after seven days, you will be able to withdraw the funds. Most importantly, it will not affect your cancellation rate."


That’s only if it was a chargeback. OP says Fiverr canceled, not the buyer.

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Really shocking! Did you contact with CS?

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See, what it says

“The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.
The order funds have been returned to the buyer.”

Yes i contacted them but no reply from them!

Yeah I contacted CS but didn’t get any response from them. Let’s hope for the best!

Customer Support are extremely busy at present and can take up to 10 days or more to respond.

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