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I got scammed for $880 USD

Hey, I’m new to these forums and wasn’t sure how to do this, but I will try my best to explain the situation that occurred.

I recently sold some virtual currency non-tangible gold via Fiverr. Through 3 different orders from the same user on the same day. I was worried as it didn’t make sense as to why they kept wanting more, so after the second sale I contacted the support team and they ensured myself safety within the sale, to which they replied:

’ Hello there,

When a buyer contacts us with a request for a cancelation, they must either provide proof that the work was not completed by the seller or that the seller violated our Terms of Service which would warrant a proper cancelation.

If any of your orders do not show clear proof of the exchange between you and the buyer, we recommend you message the buyer on our site with proof to show the services have been provided.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.’

With this information, I made sure to screen record all of the transactions and gave proof of sale within the website. The buyer seemed super happy and gave me a tip on top. I felt super good and happy that I made a sale, filling myself with false confidence with the response from the support team.

Within 12 hours my account was disabled meaning I could not log in anymore as I breached ‘Third-party regulations’. I was a little frustrated and contacted support, they gave me information which I guess I slightly could understand the reasoning behind this ban. But now today, almost 3 weeks after my sales, I have been contacted to inform me that the buyer of my gigs disputed the transactions and as I no longer have access to my account I cannot prove further evidence of the trade and I have received an email saying the funds are being refunded to the buyer… Very fustrating experience with Fiverr thus far, is anyone able to assist me with past experience of any similar situation or give advice?

Thanks very much for your time,
Kind regards Jordan.


“hey gave me information which I guess I slightly could understand the reasoning behind this ban.”

Well, what was the information? Sounds pretty relevant to me.


This post is in regards to being charged back and not being able to dispute that. Usually there would be a 90 day cool-off period then i’d receive my payments from the sale.

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If your account was disabled, it means you were breaking the rules repeatedly. You lost the right to dispute anything.


That is not what was explained to me by the support team.

Well, then why are you asking here? If the support team has explained it, it is explained.

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I am wanting clarity on what I can do as I made a legit sale, then the buyer disputed, leaving me with nothing to do as my account is disabled. Did you even read the full post?

Yes, I did. Did you read the terms of service? Did you read what the “support team” said? There you go.

Thanks for the response and your time. Your response did not help me, but have a nice day :slight_smile:

Contact with coustomer support

Hi, I don’t know what virtual currency non tangible gold is. Are you allowed to sell it, whatever it is? Is that something you would need permission to sell? Are you buying it from some other company and re-selling it?

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Its non-tangible in that it is online. There is a massive market for it although within the game it is at your own risk, meaning you could get banned from the game for selling the gold. That is the reason why I was told that I was disabled for 90 days.

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That makes sense then. It sounds like you didn’t have whatever permissions were needed to sell it.

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So you were selling something that is illegal to sell. You were banned for that exact service you were providing. You’ll never be able to dispute a chargeback on that gig.


That means there is no security for buyers who get their accounts disabled even though they said my money is safe although there is a 90 day cooldown period.

The money gotten from legit orders that were not breaking terms of service is safe. Money made from gigs that break terms of service (and that lead to your account being disabled) obviously isn’t safe if there are chargebacks. Think about it - Fiverr banned you for providing that service. Do you really think Fiverr is going to side with you on a chargeback on that service? Of course not.

You can’t do something against a third parties terms of service or in your case sell something you didn’t have the right to sell but still get the money from the sale. That buyer got a refund so the money is gone most likely.

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I have been paid out $80 for another transaction for the exact same. Virtual gold same game, although now that the money is 10x more I get banned?

You were lucky once. You just happened to get unlucky when the values were higher. Just because you rob a bank, get $10 and escape, and then you try again, get $100 and get arrested that doesn’t mean you were caught because of the value you got.

You can break the law for a long time before you get caught. So what?


It’s like if someone steals a diamond ring and sells it, then gets caught and still thinks they should get to keep the money they got paid. Then says they sold another stolen ring and got to keep that money so why not this time?