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I got scammed for $880 USD

You are gambling and losing. It’s as simple as that. Yes, someone else gained at your expense but that’s the risk you took.
You asked Support about chargebacks etc and they gave you the standard answer. They didn’t look to see whether you were breaking the rules or not.

I’d be surprised if it wasn’t the buyer who reported your account by the way. You made scamming you easy by not knowing Fiverr rules. That’s on you, unfortunate as it sounds.


I suppose technically you were scammed. But by a better scammer than you! You knew that you were doing something that you shouldn’t have done (mentioned when you state you understanding for if you were banned from the game) and it’s likely your buyer knew that you shouldn’t be doing it.

This is what happens when you engage in illegal activities. You forfeit the protection offered to those that obey the rules and also put yourself at risk of losing everything.

In this incident you have been unlucky and your buyer has made out like a bandit with free gold. The only thing left is to be petty and contact the game admin to “out” this person as a scammer.

I appreciate your frustration as you have spent time and effort to procure the in game currency in the first place and you have technically been robbed. But it was your risky behaviour that exposed you to the potential of being on the wrong end.

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Sorry, financial laundering isn’t allowed here. I’m glad Fiverr enforces the rules.


Laundering? Offering a service of virtual currnecy is not financial laundering.

It is when you sell something for someone else.

Counter argument:

Yes, that’s when they transfer the money to someone else, and then they transfer it back to the original person, minus a “service charge”. Where I live, it’s done with bitcoin, Paypal, and real estate.

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In the case of the OP, the violation was selling ‘non tangible gold from a game’. I don’t know what particular gold or game it was (though I suspect WOW, Revelation, Path of Exile, or Runescape). I doubt that game currency has been used to launder, as the point of laundering is to make the money seem legitimately earned.

In the case of the OP, it was third-party TOS violations that caused the ban, not money laundering.
The offence was closer to ‘selling an account’.

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Most interesting and bizarre.

Contact with coustomer support

Do you even read the threads you comment on?

This is not the first time I see you comment on something you clearly haven’t read, just so you can say something.

You don’t have to respond to all threads, it’s OK.


If buyer already got the thing he requested and fiverr team knows it they should not refund money back to buyer…because both party knows its illegal and both participated in it both of them should be punished not only seller…

if seller sold it then of course buyer did buy and did same., fiverr providing service to both and have right to take action against both so they should…

In this particle matter it seems they let the buyer go with service and money both and seller loos monye and gave service for free !

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Not sure if you understood my comment above or whom it was directed to, but that member simply drops in threads to comment something generic that never applies to the situation.

It’s part of the “post on the forums often to get more orders” initiative.

That’s something I’d like to see less of on this forum and why I made that comment.

Unlike you I am trying to help shape the community I am trying to be a part of.

As for you not finding my replies helpful, that’s perfectly normal. Not all replies are for everyone.


I hope you have more luck with that than I have had.


I thought it was directed at me, as I misunderstood the situation and made a guess. But that’s ok. I’m glad you can contribute. There are some interesting things that happen on here.


Same here, but I somewhat doubt it will be possible without a better foundation in place.

Newcomers are permitted, even encouraged, to jump right in. There’s no required reading or tutorial, and the standard/quality of posts already exists. The ability to flag is limited by the vagueness of flags, as well as the lumping of offences into tiny categories. The ‘suggested threads’ when creating a new thread pulls up ones that are years old.

I’ll stop now, 'cause I’m sure you already know, and I’m just venting at this point. As much as I want to help the community improve, it feels like there’s not much that can be done.

Thank goodness for the updated community rules. Looking forward to the updated forum categories.

Well we are still waiting on the updated forum @mjensen415 announced a couple of months back.

Still no work on new features being rolled out, but in the meantime I don’t see fellow members doing their part.

People with copyright infringing gigs and fake profile pics drop in to dole advice and ask for tips/ gig critique and no one reports them/flags their gigs.

We are having a dialogue with people who are obviously not here to learn.

I was personally attacked by simply stating the obvious about illegal activity and third party ToS violations.

Anyway, this is turning into a rant so let’s just be patient and try to do our best.

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I’ll permit ONE warning that they need to fix a violation. If they ignore, they get reported.

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