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i got scammed on fiver

hi fiver community here i am going to share my experience about a scam i face .
So the thing is that i need google play console account that require the visa/master card but in my country the mostly visa cards not accepted i tried many now i need google account badly because i want to publish app and earn some money so i purcahse a gig which says i will buy google play console account for you every thing is smooth i got my account but now come the interesting part of all this i recieve email from google that my play console is suspended because … here is some wording of google
" our record indicate that you successfully issued a chargeback through your payment card company for the google play account registratin assigned to """
now the big thing is that seller is no more on fiver he delete his account
now i lost play console account i dont have seller to ask i am totally scam
please also understand this is my first message to community if i am doing some violation or my some advice about my writing you guys understand

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If you think you got scammed by a Fiverr seller you should contact Fiverr support through the helpdesk.

It might be that’s not a gig Fiverr allows (or maybe not one Google & Fiverr allows). If you gave the seller any payment card details it might be worth doing something about that (eg. cancelling the card or reporting what happened to whoever it needs to be reported to).

thanks sir i contact fiver he gave me my money back

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