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I got scammed on this website do not trust this website

This website scanned me they allow the user to block me and reported as spam to keep my money Do not trust this website its a BIG scam Company

Were you by any chance abusive? You know, swearing, being unnecessarily nasty, that kind of thing. If not, talk to Customer Support. Ranting here isn’t a tip, and it won’t help you. Thousands of buyers have pleasant transactions here daily, so saying the whole website is a scam based on your sole experience is anecdotal at best, particularly without any information.

nvm, he doesn’t exist anymore. I’m gonna go with “got abusive and was scamming himself”.

This type of post doesn’t make any sense.

Neither does calling someone you’ve never met a whoreson.

wasn’t talking to you b***h.

Bitch. It’s OK, you can say it.

Oh, maybe not. Well, never mind.

Just in case anyone wonders what this is about,

As you can see, he’s definitely a person who knows about posting correctly on the Fiverr Forum.

Well done Sarwar!

What did you buy?

@fonthaunt I hope this guy loses his forum posting privileges.

sarwar7bd just a warning that you might find you are no longer able to post on the forum if you keep calling people bad names. You should stop doing it.

They are probably getting ready to block you from here.

What in the mother is a “whoreson”?

This website is fine and they has good refund system as well, All you needs to do is complain about your case in Customer Support, If they thinks that your complain is right they will return your money.

Now a days lots of scammer buyers are joining here to do scam with the sellers. This kind of posts and scam buyers should be banned without any notice. They’re annoying. Mostly India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines buyers are mostly scammers. There are many other regions buyers too who are here to do scamming.

Fiverr is a peaceful marketplace and if you think you are getting cheated you should directly contact with support, This is unnecessary to shout that here.