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I got scammed

I bought 3 gigs of this Seller he was supposed to send the order on October 7th but instead he asked for more money and marked the order as delivered even if he sent nothing, not a draft, not a sketch nothing. I asked him to cancel the order on mutual agreement and instead he asks for more time.

I don’t know where to report him. He shouldn’t be paid by fiverr for an order he never delivered. I just contacted support but since I’m new to fiverr I want to know. Do they give you your money back when the seller scams you?

And here’s proof that the seller didn’t deliver anything. Instead of sending the order he marks the order as completed.

A seller can’t mark an order as complete, after 3 days the order will automatically get marked as completed.
You should remove the seller name as its against the rules or just wait and some sheriff will do it for you.