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I got the buyer requests for a minute and then it changed to no results found. again

earlier I was getting no results found message when clicking on buyer request. then for a minute, I was able to see buyer requests which again changed to no results found. I was able to send in one offer.


Fiverr only allows 10 sellers from each level to make offers on buyer requests. Because so many sellers who are level 0 or level 1 depend on BR to get jobs there are naturally more of those level sellers making offers to each BR. :dizzy_face:

Therefore, when 10 sellers like you, who are level 0, apply for a job Fiver pulls that BR from view. I had this happen to me many times when I first started out. It was frustrating! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Once you get to level 1 things get better. :wink:


Mostly what I see is something which I cannot do so I pass and let go.

You are in the same boat as me since we are new sellers they disappear just as soon as they show up so like you may see 10 buyer requests put a offer in one and then there will be 0. I also noticed after a suggestion on the form that helped me see more relevant BR’s was fixing my keywords in my gigs. Today is day 5 on fiverr and I have got 5 orders based on BR’s so check frequently because they go quick. Good luck!

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