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I got there! - My personal journey

After 1 month of being on Fiverr, I’ve managed to get $1000 in sales. That was the goal I set myself from the off and I’m so pleased with myself I could eat milk and cookies all day!

Yay me!

This time next month, I want to see $2000 in sales (per month) - I’ll keep you posted!

Cheers all.


OK - it’s halfway through the month and I’m at a little over $1k.

There’s around $500 in waiting orders and a fair few that haven’t been rated yet.

You know, I think I’m going to get that $2k this month! :slight_smile:


Make that $1036 - :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a lot :slight_smile: It took me several months to reach that, lol. But I have so much school I do this less than part-time, so I guess I can’t really complain.

Do you have some extra tips for people who are far behind you in earnings? :slight_smile:

Congratulations! I’m nowhere near your earnings, but still, almost half a month on fiverr I gained what I used to get from being occupied offline the last 4 months in TOTAL (still readings and stuff).I mean…I fought for 4 month offline and got a mere of $110.It’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s still an income!

Isn’t Fiverr providing great potential to those who are eager to offer some quality?

Bravo again! You must be very proud of this!!!


Congratulation bro ! Keep doing the great work

Hey, this is very inspiring. Keep up the good work! Wishing you more success,


Wow, well done!! Very inspirational :slight_smile:

Truly inspiring…


Congrats Bro

Congrats! On question, how do you manage such a traffic? I am a graphic designer as you and also I make 4 figures per month, but I don`t make any promotions since I already spend a lot of time on the gigs/orders I receive. Do you have a group of people working for you?

Thats pretty cool! :slight_smile:

Congrats, and awesome gigs! I bookmarked your retro posters one, some of those sample pics in your portfolio are incredible :slight_smile: keep it up and you’ll be a TRS in no time

Awesome! I dream to achieve that one day :slight_smile:

excellent work bro !! keep it up

This is really inspirational. I kind of made a habit to read these success fiver stories on the forum those days when there are no orders coming my way and I feel like I will never get anything serious going. Reading your post helps a lot! I’m not giving up and I know that soon (couple of days really) I’ll be level 1. So thanks for sharing this with us (and congratulations)!

Well, this month’s started out to be awesome.

A little tired but I’m up to $472 in the first 7 days - that equates to around $2000 right?

No end in sight… just need to keep up the customer service levels!

8th of April = $607

9th April = $748