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I got third warning

Hope everyone fine
I got my third warning 2 weeks ago They said
Your account was flagged for sending spam messages. Our communication tool is designed to allow our sellers and buyers to communicate and conduct their business in an easy and effective manner. We ask that you do not send spam messages to users, for example, unsolicited, unclear, promotional, and out of context messages.
This is your third warning and therefore your account is currently restricted and under review by our Trust and Safety team.
During the period of the review, you will be able to complete your active orders. However, you cannot place or receive new orders and you cannot communicate with users, other than your buyers/sellers within an active order. Our team will keep you posted with any update.

Its been 13 days and i didn’t get any update from them every time i mail them they respond with the same answer that your account is in reviewing phase wait until the team made a decision
Its been so stupid to get all these warning
they gave me same warning before in my first warning but as requested them to review 1 more time because i didn’t send any spam massages they reviewed and found nothing spam but i was in an order with my client and he want some more work so he said he will tip me to compensate the budget but unfortunately he forgot to do so as a reminder i texted him and my bad luck they read that and didn’t took the warning off and said you didn’t send any spam massage but you did ask for the tip so warning will stay
Second warning was my mistake
but third is again spam i didn’t send any spam massage
i’m so confuse
what should i do
Please give me suggestions and share your experience
Stay Blessed

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That’s unfortunate. Sometimes Fiverr takes weeks if not months to get back to sellers whose accounts have been suspended (if at all they do get back). However, considering you have already received three ToS warnings from Fiverr, I am not sure if they will ever give your account back to you. :crying_cat_face:

Did you do extra unpaid work for the buyer in hopes that they’d pay (tip) you in the future? You shouldn’t have done that. Tbh, it’s kinda your fault. Even if the buyer was a regular purchaser of my gigs, I probably wouldn’t do work for free considering it would be unfair to the other buyers who pay me in advance. I think Fiverr just saw you asking your buyer for a tip and decided to classify it as spam. :crying_cat_face:

You could try reasoning with them again and convince them that your buyer had not yet paid the full amount for the services rendered and that you were just reminding the buyer to pay the remaining amount (do not forget to attach relevant screenshots along with your CS ticket).

I am not sure if the CS team will be convinced, but it is worth a shot.

Good luck!


Thanks for your reply
But you misunderstood they didn’t consider asking tip as a spam they mentioned that the spam thing was a mistake of them but i did ask for a tip which also a violation so they didn’t remove that warning i know its my fault shouldn’t ask for that
but the last one again spam thing and this time also i didn’t send any spam massage
i just want to know how much max time they will require to end up review because i did nothing wrong this time
i hope i’ll get my account back Soon
Pray for me please
Stay blessed

I’m sure you can’t send a message to anyone like that. They are supposed to pay when they order. You can’t send a message to a buyer to pay the remaining amount.


I have already pointed that out in my post: :slight_smile:

I was only suggesting that the seller try and reason with CS (although I am pretty sure they aren’t going to be convinced).

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I’m sorry but really disappointing
why you think they will not be convinced
I did nothing wrong this is also a wrong warning as they gave me before
why are you keep saying this again and again and again
Be positive man
there is still a hope and i’m not going to lose it
Anyway Thanks

Well then that’s why they restricted the account if he sent a message like that.

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Well, then you already have your job outlined for you. The only thing you can do is ask for a clarification on the third warning. Ask them for info. on the specific messages that earned you the warning.

You have already received an answer to this question :arrow_down:

I’m sorry this happened to you. You have to know how fiverr works as far as getting someone to pay for your work and it seems like you didn’t. Buyers always pay in advance for work, not after.


i have mentioned that happened in my first warning
in third i didn’t ask for the time they just mailed me that i’m flagged thats all

Okay Thank you soo much

@misscrystal He is trying to argue that since he has only violated the ToS once (as far as he knows), the other two ToS warnings for “spam” should be dropped and that he only rightfully deserves one of those warnings.

@hanzla699 It is up to you to convince CS that you weren’t sending spam messages to your buyers as no one on the forum has access to the messages between you and your buyer. Try to find out more info. from CS.

I’m sorry if I sounded harsh. I know this is a difficult time for you and you have my sympathy over this. I wish you luck.

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Thank you so much…

thank you man …