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I got this message : "I have a job for you. Open the attached .docx with Wordpad."

Is it safe to open this? He sent it to me from two different gigs of mine. I just don’t want to open a virus or Trojan.

The title of the attachment he sent is:


@misscrystal is this from a buyer that you are selling to? If not, then absolutely not. If this person is paying for a gig and delivering a: Document (.docx) created by Microsoft Word word processing software that can contain either text, images, formatting, styles, illustrated objects, or other elements, then always use updated virus scanning software before opening any such files.

Thanks, I don’t know who he is or why he would send this to me so I told him to just tell me what he wanted.

if its a doc file there is no excuse for the buyer to not send you the text himself on the inbox using fiverr messages.

Be aware that .docx can be injected with commands to screw your computer.

Do not open any files imo. Files can have many surprises behind them , specially formats like , .bat , .txt .docx .exe .msdi .rar and .zip etc.

Best of luck

I wouldn’t open it. It sounds very strange…

Most of the scripts I get are formatted in .docx

I quarantine them, run them thru a checker that I trust and have not had any problems.

I’ve had a few potential buyers send DocX files, and never had a problem. But I’m very careful about seeing the type of message the buyer has sent along with the attachment. There are times that the information the buyer has is too long for the messaging system, but the buyer will usually say something along the lines of "I’ve had to put the information in a doc file."

I thought docm can have those commands. Docx is the Word 2007 file format.

If you’re worried though, you could ask the buyer to place the information in the messaging system, or send as a text file.

.docx is safe. Make sure “macros” are disabled by default. However, there may be binders or crypters which execute a hidden backdoor, so easiest would be to manually scan it.

Thank you everyone! His message was strange: I have a job for you. I told him to just say what he wanted and never heard from him again.