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I got TOS warning after second warning. Will I be banned soon? :(

I got TOS warning after second warning but I have 3 on-going orders and 3 waiting to be marked completed from buyer’s end. Will I be blocked soon? I removed the Gigs when I got the first two warnings and did not renew them. These TOS came for other gigs. In case Fiverr bans me, is there any way I can withdraw the money?

PS: I don’t have any negative rating or late delivery issues.


Why did you receive repeated warnings? Fiverr prefers that those who are given warnings correct their behavior, and not get a second warning. You have been given three warnings. May I ask why?

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That entirely depends on you. If you do not violate the ToS in the future, I don’t see why you would be banned. As long as you abide by the ToS, your account will stay safe.

Some users even get banned as soon as they receive their first warning. It depends on the severity of the violations, too. Fiverr doesn’t always give their users 3 chances.

Yes, you would be able to withdraw any available funds 90 days after your account gets banned/suspended (which, I hope, doesn’t happen). You will get a detailed e-mail from Fiverr if/when that happens. However, all orders which are in progress/in queue would be canceled and any funds which are pending clearance would also be canceled.

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I got them for
1- violating HW policy for “Online research assistance”
2- Fraud for “Product testing and review”
3- and first one for “Proofreading to make your document better”

I hope the same since I have some repeated buyers and a lot of effort that I put in. I followed some high-ranked gigs and had some help to make the content for similar gigs. There gigs stand perfectly there and I just got warning (some even after 2months).

Yeah, I wouldn’t go by those “high-ranking” gigs. They can get you in trouble. There are many gigs out there which, despite being in clear violation of the ToS, have just not been caught by Fiverr yet. It is only a matter of time before they get deleted by Fiverr.

Instead, just go through the ToS once again (if necessary) and DO NOT offer services which are in violation of the ToS.

Good luck! :pineapple:

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Thank you so much for the guidance. I, honestly, did not know that following them is a bad idea. Wish I could have posted it earlier to get help. Will keep that definitely in mind.

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Hey. Just another quick query if you can reply. In case if I get banned, can I make new account and use it on same IP while waiting for money withdrawal?

You need to ask for Fiverr’s permission to do that. You will be allowed to make a new account only if/when they give you permission to do so.

And how can I do that? By contacting customer service?

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what update?
after 3 warning your account work or not
please guide, same happened with me

@rph_yousuf If you want help you just need to create your own topic.

If you check for yourself, you’ll see that the person’s account is active and they’re currently a Level 2 seller.

Yes I visit, same happened with me today, fiverr remove my gig 2 time