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I got two warnning

Hello good people!

I just got two warning and I m so afraid what will happen to me not sure about that.

  1. Asking for feedback change
  2. Empty delivery

for two reason in two days raw i got two warning.

I m now more careful and more sensitive about anything in fiverr.

Please pray for me . Thank you


You need to stop violating the ToS more than anything else right now. I suggest that you reread Fiverr’s ToS from top to bottom. If you are unable to understand it, Google translate it to your native language. It can save your account.


If you had been active on the Forum you would have seen many posts about these two issues. Also like @hanshuber16 read the TOS!


Only for number two (empty delivery) a good number of seller got banned from fiverr. legally prohibit !

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