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I got warning due to asking feedback

I got warning 26 days back and from than I’m not getting any orders, kindly can someone tell that is my gig dead or it will be ok like earlier(before warning i used to get orders daily now nothing) if yes how many days it take to get normal thanks


A warning – for something clearly against the rules (please read the TOS) – is likely to negatively affect your visibility in the search algorithm. My advice, learn from this experience, and don’t break this rule again.

There is not set time-table for success. And there is no “normal”. Every seller’s experience is different.


Thankyou for replying… generally gig gets back on track or i should make a new account ?

You can only have one account on Fiverr, and creating a new account will not guarantee any more success than you already have on this account. Be patient. Your negative stats will fall away in 60 days.


Never create another account its considered as violation of terms. Dont ask for feedback all you can say your customer is don’t forget providing genuine review as a reminder but dont ask to give u feedback.If you got warning read it properly and if your ac is restricted nothing can be done you should contact customer support

Thankyou so much for guide :slight_smile:

my account is not restricted , its just i am not getting orders as earlier before the warning and its been 28 days

have patience buddy maybe due to warning ur ranking might fallen but keep doing 10 offer daily soon ull get all the best

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After how may hours of reviewing your message containing feedback request, you got the warning from Fiverr?

thanks man … appreciate it

3 or 4 hours may be not sure

When you’re in business it’s called Ebb & Flow. It has nothing to do with warnings, don’t use that as an excuse. Take the time to focus on other streams of income or tweak your gigs. :pineapple:


You’re not allowed to say that, either.


Thanks , Can you pls tell how we can tweak our gig to be specifically

Catwriter thank you for this i will be careful next time

Are you basically suggesting that if he’d simply deleted the item (was it mentioned, specifically, in the warning post?) twenty-six days back, the crimp on his access would have disappeared?



A warning is a warning. It sticks with an account, and will directly affect a user’s account for at least 30 days). I neither said, nor suggested anything about deleting an account as a means to solve the problem. Fiverr has ways of tracking a user, which is why they can take action against users with more than one account. If you open an account on Fiverr, that’s the only account you get, so, if you receive any warnings on that account, you will have to ride out the time-frame on those warnings.

Trying to create a new account does not make a new seller’s chances any better than with the account they already have. Trying to cheat your way around a warning is a terrible idea. A user is required to accept the consequences of their actions on the one account they should be working hard to maintain in good standing.


^^^This right here. I also take the time to enjoy myself, sometimes i need the breather.

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Thanks mate… its 40 days now and still gig is sleeping :slight_smile: no luck . i guess fiverr is unable to calculate metrics as i am sharing my profile like too much on social media still no luck…your views pls

Don;t worry. your negative effect fall away in 60 days