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I got Warning From Fiverr Help me

Self Promotion Violation

To create a fun and pleasant experience for our community, we ask that you do not use the ‘Buyer Requests’ tool to promote your services. The ‘Requests/Post a Request’ tool is for users looking to purchase the services they need.
For more information on how to use this tool, please see the following links; As a community member looking to purchase services on Fiverr, see To view the video tutorial, see Posting a Request As a community member selling on Fiverr, you can send offers based on requests from buyers. See for further instructions.
We ask that you do not abuse this tool. If you continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be blocked.

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what is wrong?..

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Check this out: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned! if you want to protect your account.

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is it that you don’t understand what the message means?

don’t talk about your gig on buyers requests any more. it is for buyers to post requests only. if you see a request that tickles your fancy, you can put in a bid i think, i’ve never used the function myself

I did nothing and don’t know what happened.

But I dont violate their TOS, and I did not promote my self in Buyer request.

Well, what did you do? I can’t imagine you actually did nothing. We’re all not on Fiverr to do nothing, after all. We can only try to help if you give us the relevant information. What happened before you got that warning? Did you post something in Buyer Requests? If yes, what? Did you reply to a Buyer Request? Something must have triggered the warning.


oh. in that case i think the best thing you can do is contact CS and ask them for an explanation of what you did, you never know it could be their mistake. if it’s not their mistake then its yours, and you’ll at least know what you did for future

that is unless you can think of anything that might have triggered this? when was the last time you interacted with buyers requests?

I was delivering the order.

Can I post the screenshot here?

Fiverr will never put false allegations - you must have done something… hmm
you shared buyer an outsourced link ? or any other link, :roll_eyes:

buyer some time ask send us the previous it was just link.

There you go :joy: you cannot share links in fiverr - you need to put everything in GIG Description, images - content

OK got but. When someone say send us your past work ! just said to them its in gig description.

Yes, you can say - just visit my gig its everything in that, my past work experiences and images - what i can do what i cannot - what are my packages, and so on… :+1:

Thank you!!. :slight_smile: Really Helpful brother.

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:partying_face: hope for the best - stay safe :raised_hands:

You may not put all kinds of links but there are some URLs that Fiverr allows to be shared, so if you can upload your samples to one of those sites, that’s an option too. Flickr is on the allowed URLs list, for example, so someone who does photoshop retouching, they could put a link to that in their profile/gig description, and people interested in seeing samples could click that.

Go to the Seller Help Center (good idea to read all that anyway) > Seller FAQ, scroll down to the last item “What URLs can I use in my profile or Gig description?”

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