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I gotta tell you... I am p***ed


I have used Fiverr for a few years now. I have done a TON with Fiverr.

About a month ago there was a story in the Fiverr Blog about a band named Penny Western that did a Fiverr compilation video… Praising them for their ‘originality’…

What they failed to mention is that The RoboDrum did it first… MONTHS before AND Penny Wester simply copied not only our idea, but they went to almost all the exact same people we had already used!!!

I dont have a problem with them copying our idea… I have a problem not acknowledging it. When I tried to post the original on the Blog response, it never got ‘approved’ so no one knew of the real pioneers…

Its ok that they did the story on Penny Western video… its NOT ok they silenced the RoboDrum for simply saying 'RoboDrum did it First"

Look, musicians work hard. Our Fiverr team that put the video together worked hard. We spent HUNDREDS trying to get & find just the right gigs.

All we wanted… all ANY musician wants, is the recognition they deserve. And it hurts us & makes us angry when someone ELSE gets credit for what WE did.

By the way, We have not only done ONE video using Fiverr… but THREE!!! Our FIRST Fiverr Video was almost 3 years ago “SuperHero”…!!

Now we are a signed band (meaning we actually have a record deal), we are the 2012 nominees for Best Indie Band (Music Awards- Hollywood, CA- Feb 2012) & we are nominees again for Best Indie Band for 2013 (keep your fingers crossed for us in Feb 2013)… we have full street teams, publicists and are a national touring band with national radio play including Sirius/XM radio & we use Fiverr…

Fiverr has been invaluble to us.

We will continue to, but we just wanted the recognition we deserved. If Fiverr wanted to highlight a bands creativity for using them, they should have picked the band that pioneered it. In fact, we have 67 videos posted on our Youtube account, 67!!! Most of those were made by Fiverr people.

The RoboDrum did it first!


Hey, nice song and I understand your pain. Congrats for the Best Indie nomination. That’s totally awesome. However, my first question is did you notify Customer Support when that happened? I would have. I am also a musician and songwriter like you and am using musicians and other music industry professionals on Fiverr to work with me on my next album instead of using my band. I want to see how this would work.

Getting back to your issue. You definitely are right for airing this on the forum so you get more support from fellow musicians on Fiverr like me. I also would have contacted Penny Wester to see if they can work it out with you.

Anyway, good luck in the Best Indie Band contest and you wrote an amazing song. I hope this gets resolved for you.



Understand the frustration but happens all the time in the industry.