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I guess I must be getting old and repetitive


I notice that my suggested topics are usually from a year ago or more. Fiverr’s trying to tell me I need to come up with something recently relevant to say.

Also, some of my suggested topics are ones I already posted in, which means I write about the same things over and over again.

Does anybody else look at those?

(No, this is not a bug report.)


Does the forum now automatically change the subcategory? Odd.


I flushed my cache of unread posts and then the suggestions get much better.

I do get topics in my suggested topics list that I have replied to, but I guess that is logical


Not automatically. Mods to it, and some regulars, when you post in the wrong subcategory.


I’m not so sure that my OP is appropriate for forum feedback, it’s not really helpful. Or feedback.

Somebody must have been really bored to notice and change it within 5 minutes.

Since we’re now in feedback, I’ll add some feedback: I absolutely hate group editing and modification. Regardless of my future forum “level” or whatever they call it, I have no intention of making changes unless specifically asked. I realize there needs to be some control, but that’s what Moderators are for. I also hate useless ‘feel-good’ awards like forum ‘badges’. “Yay. I got another little icon.” :unamused: Oops, now I’m ranting. Someone care to move this again?


… or the sign of a filter malfunction. :slight_smile: