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I guess I'll get used to it eventually

To the people who maintained their levels, congratulations.
If you got promoted, congratulations to you too.
If you got demoted, I am sorry, but I would like to believe you’ll get promoted back to your
previous level soon.

In my case I was able to keep my badge which is great, but then I saw the little
message in my analytics page:

Evaluation period ends on Mar 15, 2018

Might as well change this message to
"You will be evaluated for the rest of your Fiverr life" !! :sweat_smile:

I guess as soon as the March evaluation ends, it will change to
"Evaluation period ends on April 15, 2018" and so on.

I don’t like the idea that Fiverr will be breathing down my neck forever, (dude, I’m quite
ticklish!!) but I’m hoping at one point I’ll just get used to this, go numb, and not even care…??? I might even start enjoying the Fiverr breeze at one point!

OK, back to work. Happy gigging everyone. :wink:


We can :pray: that will not be so. But then that will not make it so . . .

Off Topic

Off topic, but I just have to say I watched the men’s Olympic skating competition tonight. Congratulations to Japan on receiving the silver and the gold medals. Those two young men were amazing to watch.

Oh yeah, those two guys are quite amazing.
Even someone like me who is not interested in sport/Olympics AT ALL
checked out the news to see how they did! :wink:

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He has the right attitude:

Maybe it’s just me - but I’m taking on the attitude of I’m not here to please Fiverr; I’m here to please my clients (and myself). Fiver will do Fiverr; I’ll worry about the clients and myself. I can’t change what they’ve done. I think the monthly evaluations are a motivator for a minute number of people but a demotivator for most others.

I do think it’ll weed out those who underperform for their own fault, but I also feel it penalizes some awesome sellers. It falls in line with the old saying, “one bad apple spoils a bunch.” Here, it’s a handful of them hurting the rest of the great sellers because Fiverr wanted to change its image to become a more “professional” site.

Sucks, but it’s their site.

I may pop in here each month and say, “Yeah, I kept the TRS badge or I was demoted.” But, the reality of it is this - I can’t change Fiverr, but I CAN change me. The only thing I really lose if I LOSE the TRS status is the ability to withdraw on a weekly basis. I’m not going to lie - that’s a great perk. However, if I have to go every two weeks, I’m getting paid at the local school like that. No real skin off my nose.

I don’t think my Level dictates how prospective buyers see me - only one felt I should have been a TRS way back when they first were announced. I was promoted in Feb. 2015. Prospective buyers are going to see my reviews and KNOW that I’m more than just a level - be it seller, level 1, level 2 or TRS.

That’s just my two cents. Sorry for the long post. It’s time to get to work. I’ve got to get 8 articles done today, take a child to a birthday party, clean the house for two of his friends to spend the night (both boys I’ve known since they were at the other school I was at; one still attends my school) and a host of other things.



Before the levels checks it didn’t matter what any sellers did, they kept their level.
I saw sellers who didn’t deserve to be at the level they were at and had this attitude about what they did: