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I guess this is goodbye 0_o


I reported a buyer earlier for trying to buy from me via PayPal.

Ticket was answered, now my account is restricted.

I can’t respond to messages. I can’t deliver orders It just flashes “Contact Customer Support” (which I have, but this is pretty scary…)

I haven’t done anything wrong. I mean, not as far as I know. I haven’t had a late delivery gig in a while.

I can’t have my account locked as I have the money I need in it.

If it locks it for 90 days, then the hard work I have been doing on Fiverr for the past week will go to waste (close to $600 completed). I need that money for rent.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

This was the last message I received after I sent a custom order to somebody:

“I send money to your Paypal, sir.
I have my paypal account to link to fiverr”

But…I didn’t have money sent to my PayPal. Nothing. I sent a custom order. That client then got banned. I have two people just message me then, and it says I am not allowed to communicate with them (old customers)


I have checked my friends account, so it does not seem to be an issue with Fiverr. It is an issue with my account. There is no text box. When I respond on my phone, it says I am not allowed to do it.

I know that it could be a bug. However, I lost access the second they answered my ticket when I reported the PayPal guy.


Uhm…It looks like I broke the ToS?

The person who contacted me asking for me to pay through PayPal made a new account and sent a message which said that their other account got banned.

I left a message which said “Nope. I only take payment through Fiverr”

I then got in touch with customer support and informed them of this. I go back to the inbox and there is a message which says:

“Me: Responding to an account belonging to…”

But I can’t read the rest (this comes up in the Drop down box).

Which means that customer support left a note on that message. So, it looks like I got punished for responding to somebody with a banned account?

Sorry for the spam. I have hundreds of dollars wrapped up in that. If it is locked, I have to go back to England.


Yeah. It looks like I was punished because somebody gave me their PayPal email address.The blocking happened as soon as they answered the ticket I sent. (4 hours was the last message I responded to, they responded to the ticket 3 hours ago)


I think you were flagged for using the word “payment”. Once customer support sees that you have done no wrong, everything will be restored.


The blocking actually happened about 13 hours after that message. I was able to send messages up until 4 hours ago (factoring in gig messages and messages through the message system). Which means if I was flagged, it was a manual flag as opposed to an automatic one. They even responded to the ticket about the PayPal client and said they were forwarding to their trust and safety team. That was the moment I was blocked. Now I am going to have to wait another twelve hours for them to reply. Oh how I miss being a TRS and getting 2 min responses, as now I am going to be worried for the rest of the day.


So… They have restricted your account, but it still shows as active, and it’s still possible to place orders?

The whole thing is scary. I hope they do something about it soon.


It looks like it. I went on my friend’s account, and it says that people can still order from me. I withdrew $4 from my account, and that went through.

There is nothing to indicate there is anything wrong bar not being able to respond to messages. Not just through the messaging system, but also through orders. I have an hour response rate, and this is just going to kick that in the shitter.

There is no text box on the Fiverr system. When I use the app it says “Contact Customer Support”

OH SHIT. I JUST REALISED. Somebody contacted me about six hours ago. I said that I did not wish to deal with them and I said “Reported”.

That message now says “This user may no longer be contacted” i.e. standard fare when somebody blocks you from contacting them.

Is this now a stupid Fiverr anti-spam system? The second somebody blocks you for spam, you need to be investigated and can’t deal with messages until then?


I think it takes more than one person to block you for spam to get your messaging stopped, and I think it doesn’t affect messages on the order pages or your ability to deliver.

At least that’s how it used to be.


I just had a quick look. Just seen one person has blocked me in the past one month. Didn’t care to go back further than that, but I can’t imagine I had many people block me as there would be no need.

Deliveries are fine now. I verified by delivering and having it rejected by a client (an old client, and they wouldn’t mind as I have been working with them since 2012 and I explained the situation)

I just can’t send messages through the order system. Or, at least I don’t think I can, waiting for my friend to get online to confirm it with me. I get the same error message on the app for the order system, but the message appears.

I have never had my messages completely stopped…ever. So this is weird for me, and bloody scary too.


Hi, I guess there is definitely a problem with the “automated spam detection”.
My message function was also deactivated, and I did: nothing wrong, only delivering pending orders and asking some already(!!) customers if they are interested again in my services. Normal (and professional) seller / upsales behaviour.

So I investigated a bit and I suspect: As we all know, if you mark a message as “spam” it will be very often automatically marked as “unspammed” again after some time and you see it again in your Inbox.

If you mark it again as “spam” it will be mostly stay as “spam”. I guess if somebody is doing this “with you”, then it is “really spam” and your messages are blocked. So it is more a technical issue, but yes really annoying to go through customer service to solve that.

IMO the manual&automated Spam filter / Spam protection has to revised.


You can’t use your messages right now either?

I can’t really wait the 12 hours for customer support to respond. Somebody just messaged me to ask if I can deliver something within 8 hours for $40 (a single 500-word article). So, would be a bit crap if I miss out on that.


I had this happen to me and I never spam. Took a day or 2 for support to realize I didnt do anything wrong. The people contacting me never heard from me for like 2 days so I lost all that potential business.
Yes it’s the anti-spam system there , it sucks.

Sounds like you flagged your own account by using words that contain the @ symbol and the word Payment , or other “flag words” … just avoid typing them or this happens. Again , automated system is most likely at work.


This could get you in trouble. It may be a good practice outside of Fiverr, but here, it’s seen as spam. If they want to use your services again, they will contact you.


Nope. I did not use @. The only time I used the word ‘payment’ was when I said I refuse to accept payment away from Fiverr. This was hours and hours before I lost the messaging. I lost the messaging the second customer support answered my ticket and said they were sending to trust and safety, which meant it was a manual block on my account. I am hoping it is accidental.


I am sending these reminders since more than 2 years and there was never ever a problem. It is much more probable that the problem is “more like” I explained at the end of my message :slight_smile:


It may have been luck. I remember a seller who did the same and got his messaging disabled, because some of his former buyers reported him.

It’s up to you, of course, just keep in mind that what you’re doing is risky. :slight_smile: (I agree that that’s unlikely to be the cause of Ryan’s problem)


Thats usually enough to flag yourself.
Shouldnt even almost come close to thinking about wanting to maybe even remotely type that word.

tips hat


I have been selling here for 5 years, so I know that this is not what flagged me because whatever blocked me was not automatic. I have never once had a message blocked because I have said ‘payment’ or anything of that sort. The one time I have had a message blocked, it was automatic. This, somebody deliberately added something to my account to block my messages, and it happened soon after I had my ticket answered. So, the trust & safety team made a mistake or something, I don’t know. The person who I reported is still active, so could be a case of chubby fingers.


I too have been here for 5 years if not more. And I can say exactly what you just said. I was once blocked automatically … then something that felt like “not so automatic” … in my case it took them a day or 3 to respond with … “Sorry you’re fixed” … and yes … this poo poo’d on things for me too.

Good luck.


Hey. I tried to get you back to the “important” part of my message, but obviously you don´t care :slight_smile: The reminders haven´t been the reason in my case. The problem (and it´s solution, if there will be one) is a bit more tricky… also a lot of what @ryangillam is saying here goes much more in the direction of what I wrote at the end of my message.