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I had 100% Response Rate Woke up to 83%


I am about to lose my level over a bug. I went to sleep with 100% response Rate and woke up to 83%.

Now I am manually counting this over 60 days and it is a Fiverr error. I contacted support.

What do I do???

I guess you just have to reply to all messages, even the wee silly ones. It happened to me before (dropped to 94%) Now I just make a habit of replying to everything.

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I am manually checking and it is totally a mistake I always reply right away. It takes a long time but about 30 days in I was only late to one message out of 60. And now way it can go from 100% to 83% overnight.

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Hopefully Fiverr support will help you out and fix the error :slight_smile:

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I hope so. This s my only way I survive and will literally kill me lol

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Had similar issue about 2 months ago. I reached out to CS, they pulled out a conversation I missed. This convo was initially marked as spam! But later it changed somehow… Can be really frustrating!

Contact Fiverr Support

I did and they couldn’t help at all.

Now in a few hours I went from showing up high in recommended and best selling to not appearing in Fiverr search at all. I have been here 7 years without problems not sure what is going on.