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I had a bad day today. : (

I had a bad day at work today, I let a client down, It was just a small order, but it will probably hurt my ratings and my anxiety keeps screaming Failure! FAILURE! Failure!!

And now I will be second guessing everything I do for a while…


Successes are built from failures ! :slight_smile:

Everyone face failures but those who learn lessons from those failures, will ultimately succeed !!!


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Well, even the best players on the world doesn’t play every match perfectly. It’s ok to fail, it’s even more ok to apologize to those affected by your failure. Get rid of a perfectionist tag- the moment you do that you’ll become a better person. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys, :heartbeat:

We all have days like that. Don’t beat yourself up about it <3

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With every failure, we are one step closer to success :slight_smile:
Cheers Up and just do the best we can everytime!

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everything turned out fine after all, even got a 5-star review…

Thats anxiety for yoy; sorry and thanks for the suport everyone


You think you had a bad day? Look at this review I got for writing an e-mail:

“Objectively, the quality of work was not good. The opening rate has been very low. Good communication and kindness”

I have never been judged on opening rate, I have never guaranteed results with any of my gigs. The guy gave me 2.5 stars. Now my overall rating is 4.7 and I’m in danger of being demoted.

My point is don’t feel bad. You think you let your client down? He can order from someone else, maybe he can get a refund so it costs him only the service fee. Clients aren’t victims, they always have options, they can do a Paypal chargeback if they can’t get a refund.

We the sellers are the ones who can end up victimized by bad clients. We’re the ones who can lose thousands of dollars over their nonsense.


I’m so sorry this happened to you both. You have my sympathy. I agree that clients can always do a Paypal chargeback and have six months to do it so sellers really do take a risk simply by doing business.


This is why I try to be nice to clients, without giving the store away. I may complain about clients here, but never on their orders.

I just don’t know where they get these crazy expectations. A friend of mine is really good at Facebook advertising, he has a client that gave him $1,000 to advertise a karaoke machine. Not a single person bought the product. Of course, he’s stressed out because he’s a web marketing manager, so he’s expected to provide results. I’m more like a wedding planner, I can create a beautiful event but I can’t guarantee the bride or the groom will show up.

Sorry about that! If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again.