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I had a bad experience with buyer review


I gave unlimited revisions to buyer just within 5 dollars and also complete work within short time and he asked for revisions and I did same which he ask to do. Then he can send me another revisions if he wants more changing but he did mark completed work after his satisfaction but leave 3.7 ratings on my gig. all his requirements was fulfilled.

It is really a bad experience for me. I contacted customer support they said that that review is not against our policy and we can not remove that.

Fiverr wrote in policy that they will remove a review if that is abusive, but what if a customer give bad rating even his work have been done in a professional way and on time and within less budget, who is responsible for that then?
and I am scared what if any of my friend who is jealous from me make a buyer account and buy a 5$ gig package from me and give me a bad review without any reason, just for making me bad in the market, make sense?


Lessons to be learned here:

  1. Never give unlimited revisions
  2. Fiverr was correct here
  3. 3.7 star is not a bad rating.

Feedback reviews will not be removed unless there are clear violations of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. Buyers are always encouraged to leave the honest rating. You cannot assume that they will give 5 stars after the work is done. And contacting the buyer regarding bad rating is not advisable.

It will never happen, but if you still think this will happen, you can contact CS, and they will look into it and cancel all the fake orders without affecting your account.


Yeah its not bad rating but I am doing hard work to reach on level one, it was my 7th review and before it my rating was 5.0* and after this review of which I am talking about, my total rating have been come down from 5.0 to 4.8


For your kind information, everyone is doing hard work to get on the top, and to get on the top you also have to face failures in your life, because, without that, the success will not be achievable.
It’s just one past order. No one has all 5-star review and that’s what happens in real life. When you will do more work, it will gradually increase to 5.0.


You have really horrible experience.

But the thing is, who can judge how you did the work. Except your buyer??

You are in pain, I feel sorry for that. But this system won’t work like that.

There will always be good buyer and bad buyer thing




I don’t think that 3.7 is a good review. It could be considered good in the so called real world - equals to a 7.4/10. It’s just not good on Fiverr, where “acceptable” is 4.8. If there is a buyer that would order a 3.7 Gig, please rise your hand. The problem here is that the 5$/unlimited revisions combination is a magnet for problematic buyers.


Well, if buyer left that review it means that something was off for them. (Just assuming it could’ve been a communication problem, or they didn’t like a product you produced and after revision decided that it’s just wouldn’t work and they’d rather to leave it here or many other reasons). Satisfied buyers don’t leave bad reviews. (Even if you worked hard but delivered something not up to their expectation, of course they would leave bad review)

Secondly, you set up the price of 5$ for your gig. If you think that it’s too little for the effort that you giving just increase your price until you are satisfied with your ratio of time/value/profit.

We cannot see it for you but you can actually go and check in which area they put a low rating for you (communication, service as described, buy again or reccomend) and that will be your answer on what you did wrong.


Anybody who did that to me wouldn’t be a friend for much longer. :wink:

If you ever suspect it has genuinely been done to you, please contact CS.

P.S. Please find some new friends.


New order on the way… :yum: (not serious btw :sweat_smile:)