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I had a bug at the end of Fiverr English Test

:point_up_2: This is the error that Iโ€™ve experienced. When I was on to a test, Iโ€™ve encountered this problem and Iโ€™m NOT HAPPY :rage::rage::rage::right_anger_bubble::right_anger_bubble::anger: I hope you will fix this and also when I was going to take the test again when the tab from the test was opened, it gave me a message that says :point_down:โ€ฆ

ErrorId 211 : The user is stuck in the retake wait period

Which makes me MORE ANOYYED!!! please fix this bug :pray::pray: because I donโ€™t think anybody wants to experience the same thing that happened to me too. And if you guys already fixed this problem, thank you so much :+1::+1::pray: I really appreciate that, keep on the great work guys!