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I had a buyer order 5 of my gigs in a row, outcome was not so great


I have a “draw your face” gig. Typically the gig should be for gift or entertainment purposes. Buyers aren’t exactly honest about it. A buyer awhile back ordered 5 gigs from me one after the other. After the 5th one, I was curious as to what he would be using the drawings for or why he wanted them. He said he was going to use them in a book he was writing/publishing. I was excited, so I said, “Oh great! If you don’t mind, can you put my name in the back of the book or on the back giving me credit for drawing your illustrations?” …and I never heard from him again. So, if anyone sees a book for sale about Biblical Scholars and Pastors, my drawings are in them. #-o


When I first created the gig, I noticed that a lot of buyers were looking for drawings because they needed something for a website or a book, but didn’t want to give me credit on the website or in the book. I was tired of it so I changed the description of the gig to "this gig is for gift or entertainment purposes ONLY, if you want me to draw something with the intent of publishing it, please let me know first BEFORE ordering. Thanks."

After I added that little tidbit in the description, everything came to a standstill. I got NO gigs for an entire week. As soon as I realized this, I took it back out and I have slowly started to get gigs again, but now I’m more careful about who I am drawing.


The sad thing about the nature of this world is people are going to do what they want and use a product as they want. I learned this when I was a photographer. With the internet anything is possible and people know that the average joe is not going to sue them for copyright or registry abuse. I know that people are purchasing my family tree gig and selling it as their won work. I used to worry about it but then decided that for me the data I use is public data anyhow my clients just don’t know or want to know how to extract it.

In your case if you feel your work is copyrighted and protected then you need to set up your own business and website and will need to cease that gig on FIVERR. I hate to be so blunt but the nature of FIVERR is wide open and any product you deliver, you have NO IDEA how it will be used and have really no way of following the track of that product down the road.


I run into similar issues with book trailers. Since I’m only making $4, I can’t exactly buy custom images and music for everyone that orders a trailer. So I go to sites offering royalty-free images and music. Of course, I have to credit these elements, so for the images, I put the info at the bottom, where it’s visible but doesn’t distract from the video. For the music, I put a credit at the end.

I have had many, many people ask if I can use different images “without words” on them, or if I could make the music credit smaller or delete it altogether.

I even had one person ask me to use a very well-known, classic rock song for the video!

I don’t dare step into copyright territory, so I make sure to cover all my bases. Usually when I bring up copyright issues, that settles the discussion. Sometimes the person will just abruptly cease communication (but still take what I gave them).

So yeah, I don’t know why people have such an issue with crediting work. It can be frustrating for sure!


I can almost relate to that, I started this gig where I would draw five line drawings for colouring pages.

Then I got this client requesting about that gig but with colour, so I added an extra for color to the pages as drawing pages, he went and ordered his first order from my gig where I do mostly real life sketching. I kindly told him to take his next order on the colouring page gig, which he did. From the beginning he would kinda “bribe” me into finishing his order before the due date, Stupid me didn’t think about asking this man to add the EXTRA FAST delivery.

I continued and a short while back got overwhelmed by all the orders I got in from different people specifically on the colouring page gig.

I posted a discussion on LINKED-IN and I was advised by fellow sellers to minimise the basic and to add other items on as extra’s. So I did that. Instead of offering five colouring pages I now offer three, with an extra to add two more pages and another extra to add colour.

This client returned after the changes and placed another order. He noted how he saw I reduced the pages but assured me because his daughter likes my drawings so much that he would support my services regardless and he added the extra to add two more pages. But here’s the big laugh, he didn’t order extra colour but in his instructions for the images he mentioned that he wants them in colour like all the other gigs I did for him, he also requested again that I would finish these in a week, and that he would give me two gratuity gigs if I do!

I kindly replied telling him that I am pressed with orders and cannot commit to delivering early, and also asked him if there’s a specific reason why he didn’t select colour this time - I reminded him to add the extra for colour in case he needs it.

I have a feeling that he is using these images for a children’s book, why else would he so freely continue giving me gratuities if it wasn’t? And why else would he press me for time if it was only for his daughter? Oh well, I won’t mention or ask about it being for a book.