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I had a great experience and it's was all about honesty!


I had an experience last year with a new client.

I had a job already at hand and she message me to get a job done for her. I politely told her that I had a job on hand(She might not have know, because she is new to fiverr), and the I told her that I would be availabe for her job in a few days and to my surprise she said she’ll wait. I did the job and she gave a review concerning my been plain about my availability.

I learnt form that transaction that if you apply honesty to your job on fiverr, you will see the reward surely.

Though I’ve not had a job in a few days, but I’m sure I’m going places on Fiverr.


What you can do is set (eg. increase) the delivery times (nr of days delivery for gigs/packages) so that it would allow multiple orders in the queue or set the “limit orders in the queue figure” for particular gigs.


That’s the first rule here: always deal with people with direct honesty. Don’t tell them you can do jobs you can’t.


duly noted thank you very much