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I had a message but now that I checked I can't see it?

Hi, I just recently got a message on my phone, and the moment I checked something else, it vanished, and it doesn’t look like I can recover it. It looked like it was detailed and I don’t have any orders yet do this might have been a first time buyer… Can I get some help please? I tried to get help from support but it wanted an ID that didn’t exist…?


Most likely it went to spam folder.
Did you check a spam folder?

I have seen this happen. Here are some things that may have happened.

  1. Buyer was blocked. Like a spam message. If it was spam, you would still get notified, but the website would have already removed it, before you can see it.
  2. Refresh and reload your browser. I am seeing a lot of issues with Fiverr on Safari. use Chrome or Firefox.
  3. Better yet, check your mobile app. Chat seems to work better there.

Lastly, without any ORDER number, customer support just cannot help you.


Oh gosh okay that makes sense, thank you guys! Man, I was excited for a second lol