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( I had a problem with my gig ( disappeared from search

hello every one !
I had a problem and i wanted to share it with you cos I did not see any solution here .
any way
I edited my gig yesterday but it got disappeared from search , I sent to CS and they told me when some one edit or create a new gig it got disappeared from search cos there is a team ( don’t remember its name )
is reviewing the new edits before approval .

and here i am and my problem is fixed :slight_smile:

i think this is will be useful for people who have this problem

my best wishes ^^

Happy ending story I guess :smiley:

If you searched your gig from another browser when not signing in with the same user you will see your gig . I always do that to see how it looks like with thumbnail and its title :slight_smile:

Welcome and best wishes.

Please how do i search for my gig… I’m new here

Hello @hussienfahmy
السلام عليكم :blush:

نعم نعم نهاية سعيدة هههههههههه

yeah yeah Happy ending hhhhh


hey look I don’t know how fiverr search works for the new sellers but I think you should sell some gigs before you can find your gig in search :smile:

my very best wishes :wink:

عليكم السلاااااااااااام :slight_smile:

من الجميل جدا التحدث بالعربية ههههههههه
اشتقت لها :relieved:

بصي يا اختي احنا بياعين زي بعض وزبايننا اجانب بيدفعولنا بالدولار لازم نتكلم زيهم ليعملولنا حظر ولا حاجة احنا عايزين ناكل عيش :grin:

Think Google translate might be working overtime here…

I mean hhhhhhhh

OK OK :pensive:

as you wish :blush:

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Kind of :joy:

Google translation is inefficient to deal with slang synonyms … I can :wink::grin:

I see people make short comment in many different languages here and sometimes i have an interest then to know what they mean :smiley: but as we all talking the same international language that will add value to everybody here :blush:

بس انا رديت السلام عشان الموضوع بتاعك احنا مش بنفرض نفسنا ولا لغتنا عليهم خالص يعني :grin:

you are right :slight_smile:

my very best wishes to ALL

بالتوفيق اخي حسين :slight_smile:

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