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I had a terrible experience with a buyer

It’s first time for me to meet a very terrible buyer , he paid only $30 but he want me to do a lot of work for free for him, even more than $300 , I already sent him very hight quality videos , but he wants me to do 5 videos or more videos for free for him. And he makes a lot of new request again and again , but he don’t want to add any extra money for a lot of new request and videos , and he said if I don’t do it , he will give me a very bad review and open a dispute to threaten me , he want to make problem for me . Because he thought fiverr always helping buyers for all of the things, even if they make problems for sellers . My videos has always high-quality but with very cheap price , that’s why I got many buyers recommend to order my videos . And when I check his reviews , some sellers also give him only 1 star and told that his terrible . I will see what will be happen late , I don’t care if he give me a very bad review , because he will get the same from me. Or I don’t know if he will open a dispute , I will mail to CS too. Just hope fiverr don’t make me problem, and gives chance for those kind of terrible buyer ---- who wants get a lot of work for free by threatening sellers , and pay nothing …


I am very sorry to hear about your horrible buyer.

It is against ToS to “threaten to leave a damaging review to gain more services from the Seller not related to the agreed requirements.” So I would think that CS will decide this in your favor.

Also, since you are a Top Rated Seller, you will hopefully receive a fast response. :slight_smile:


I totally agree with you. Contact with CS and provide them Screenshot of your conversation.


HI, thanks for the reply , I didn’t mail to CS , because I have to wait and see what problem this buyer wants to give me next , a bad review or something els, because he didn’t reply my message after I told him " I will message to fiverr and tell them you threaten me for more work " , maybe he go for sleep already , who knows , lol. I tried to keeping cold these days , during chat with him , but his more and more request really makes me very angry

HI, thanks for your reply , I will see if I have to mail to CS or not

I’m sorry you have to go through this. Refuse to do any more extra work. If he already has multiple 1 star reviews, be sure that he’s a scammer who does this to everyone he hires. Most sellers usually never leave a less than 5 star review even if they’ve had bad experiences, so it’s definitely a red flag. Do NOT let him get away with it. Contact CS and request them to either complete or cancel the order and for the Buyers account to be reviewed as he’s done this in the past (though, I doubt they’ll do anything about it). Good luck!

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HI, thanks for your reply , he didn’t get many 1 star , that 1 star was new one I just saw yesterday . He has some 5 stars and 2 star . But I didn’t notice it before. I will see what he will do for me after two days , at lest he should not cancel the order , because he already got my hight quality video and I had spend a few days to work on it . I will learn something new from this experience too :sweat_smile:

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To be honest in your place I would’ve contact CS anyway. He is blackmailing you and most likely he is blackmailing other sellers.
If you will let it go right now he will think that it’s ok and will do it to other sellers.

Blackmail is strictly forbidden on fiverr and CS should investigate his behaviour.


I’m not sure if it’s important to do that way or not , because he didn’t reply me again after I told him " if he open a dispute I will message to fiverr about he threaten me for more free work " , maybe he afraid I do that way for him , who knows , but I think he will possible learn something from me too , so I will choice to give him a chance if he don’t continue do any wrong for me .

Also he is a seller too but he has no any sell so far , and he is a Top buyer and has some 5 stars . I do told him , if his future buyer do the same way for him " ask for many many work but pay nothing , he will feel terrible too " .

Also, other seller already give him 1 star and give some bad review to him, other seller get chance to read something from it . Just hope he can learn his mistakes .

He won’t. Reviews don’t deter blackmailers. Please report him to protect others.


To be honest , to do this will not really can protect other buyers ,because that buyer can has new account very easy , if he want to do the same things again, he will still can do by new account . But if he already learn his mistake from my words , I had gave him a lot of messages before , and told him his erroneous, if he learn his mistake , he will get a chance from me .

I’d say go ahead and send CS the screenshots of the threatening messages he has sent, and I’m sure his account will get banned.
True, he can always come back with a new account, but with that type of behavior I get the feeling he’ll threaten people again, get banned, come back, rinse and repeat.
It’s the game of wack-a-mole, but personally I’d still report the guy. It only takes a few minutes, and Fiverrland will be better place without this guy even for just a few days.


So if you report a robber that doesn’t mean they’ll stop robbing, so there’s no point in reporting them?

Seeking justice is always worth it. Please don’t discourage people from trying to protect others.


Sometimes It’s happened to all. Just ensure you did everything as per your gig or order details. Then you can contact with CS. They will give you a proper support.

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