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I had applied more then 250 nos against buyers' Request But don't get a single job order


I am completely hope less. Allah help me. There are no chance to built up career for new seller.


If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again. Throwing a pity party will not help the situation- be proactive about it.


how many time? I am feeling that I am not a freelancer, I am a beggar.


Why are you being so dramatic? Giving up is the easy way out. Have you made Du’a?

Thought about adding more GIGS? Variety is the spice of life!


You offer social media marketing as a gig.

Are you using social media to promote your own gigs? If not, why not? :wink:


yeah I am trying to promote my gigs on Social media but not regular. there are everyone busy about own gigs. everyone submit there gigs links on social media. I can’t from this method.


And having bad grammar in your gig description is not going to have customers flocking to you :roll_eyes:
I Will Professionally Marketing And Manage Your Social Media


thanks you are experience. I had been try to more then 2 years in different freelancing market place.


Ask yourself this Q.

What are you passionate about?



if you help me to create ideal and better gigs I will be prayer for you


What real skills and experience do you have?


yeah I am expert on SEO marketing, keywords research, logo designing, SMM and others skill etc


If you’re really a marketing expert, you can use your skills to promote your own services, and get sales. If you’re unable to successfully market your services, how can you help your buyers?


When you throw in logo designing with SEO it sounds like you are trying to be a ‘Jack of all trades’


I am expert on SEO, SMM, backlink creator, logo designer, Keywords research video editor and many others skill


Have to agree with catwriter.

If you can show proof of previous success you should be doing well without Fiverr


Wow, I don’t know much about SEO, but you should know how to SEO/market your own stuff, no?



don’t be discouraged.

If the service that you sell does not work for you, you have a major problem.
It means that your service doesn’t work.

I have also noticed something wrong if one of your Gigs, where you write:

I’m hasan, a professional designer and TOP RATED SELLER on Fiverr!

Aside from the fact that nobody will believe you, this is not true.

You could analyze the buyer requests to understand the market and reshape your Gigs accordingly.


Top rated seller!?



How can someone trust you to do SEO for them when you have something which is clearly not true in your job description.