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I had bad experience with buyer and support

I had bad experience with buyer and support.

In the beginning everything was great. Buyer ordered card for her massage business and I did it. She really liked my design and I was opened for revisions, which I’ve done easily. She accepted my order and left me a review (!). This is good review!

Her problems has start when she and her printer couldn’t print cards and she told me, there are no right size. But I worked in .eps file template, which she (!) sent me. After this, in private messages, I sent her A LOT of different version in different format and types. I sent her ai, jpeg, eps, png, pdf, and another versions of this file. All this files are workable! I even tried them on my parents computer, which has old version Windows + on my colleague’s laptop. One more time - all this files are WORKABLE! SHE sent me .eps file template and I worked inside of it. My last messages was about that probably this is problem in her computer since on my laptop everything works and has bleeds and margins!!

So my frustration is about how I can work on Fiverr further knowing that I’m not protected from inadequate buyers. She left me great review, she accepted my order, I even already received this money on my account! I’ve done everything I can and even more! But after this I’ve got message that order cancelled be Support decision and money comes back to buyer.

So I’ve sent request to Support 4.11, and after 1 week 11.11 they answered that buyer couldn’t open ai file and this is my problem! But Support can cancel my order ONLY in case quality of my work is poor. My illustration has good quality and buyer confirmed it! SHE left me good review and pay to me.

This cancellation affect my rate badly. I didn’t receive message from new people more than 2 weeks already and my impressions goes down. And all this only because Support didn’t figured out the situation and just cancel an order unfairly.

I’m not agree with Support decision. What should I do further? And why Support is always on the buyer’s side?



I know you’re looking for a solution to the current problem, but I’m not sure there is one. I’ll have to think on it a bit. I can offer a tip towards future orders: modify your gig requirements to have a list of boxes the buyer can choose from for file types to be delivered.

(Maybe also add something in your FAQs about troubleshooting. Not sure that part is necessary, though.)


I think, describe your gig service clearly.


So sorry you had to face this, kindly tweak your gig description to indicate the necessary file type a buyer stands to get. All the best


The truth is sellers are not protected at all.
Almost every week I have complains from buyers that they can’t open Ai, EPS, ZIP… file on Iphone. I’m trying to explain them that they should install additional software but not all buyers are tech-savvy.

One more popular problem - “There is a fiverr’s watermark on my files. Please remove it. Why you sent me files with watermarks? I asked you for clean files, are you stupid?” or “Files that you sent me are without transparent background” (but in reality they are transparent)

The most annoying (when client orders black image with transparent background)
“Hey you sent me just blank black rectangle. I opened it on my iphone and it is just black rectangle. Where is my image, cheater?” (in reality iphone and most smartphones display transparent background as black and client can’t see black on black)

Few months ago I got 1 star review because buyer can’t download files from fiverr. I sent him all formats in delivery and in chat and even gave him a link to google drive where he can download them. I also sent him a quick tutorial how to download files and send them to his printing provider.
But he wrote that he can’t download them and asked to send files to his email. When I answered that I can’t do this (because it is against the TOS) he closed order and left 1 star review.

2 Days ago I had a buyer who ordered $5 gig and in order requirements sent porno image. And right after 4 minutes he asked for cancelation and sent cancelation request.

When I declined it and answered that I will contact CS and ask them to cancel an order he began to use abusive words and threating me. I opened a ticket and no reaction from CS. Soon this order will be canceled and I will lose my stats because of buyer’s jokes.


Of course most clients are good but you must be prepared for this kind of “clients”


Dear bro, I face this problem.

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Oh no!

So sorry to hear it…yep some buyers do these questions mostly :confused:
They don’t really care for another career

Wish u Good luck btw


This also happened me…Sorry for you :worried:
Coz,in my exp buyer did cancelled the order,Took all work & also left bad rating.

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sorry you’ve been in this situation… wish you patient and luck!

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Thank you soo much dear…All of u have been so supportive…im feeling much better after talking to u peoples about my situation.
Thanks Again!

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I also wish u good luck for upcoming future.
Take care,

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Could you add a mandatory requirement that asks- “what electronic file format are you able to open on your devices?” Then list them- they can check as many as they want but also add a check box that says “I cannot open any files on my devices”

This way the buyer is forced to think about it and you know ahead of time what you are dealing with.

Also add a mandatory statement that says “file deliver is only available through the Fiverr delivery system and no other electronic method” make them click that they understand that.

This shows upfront that you ask the right questions and you that are an extreme professional!! Just saying…


That’s really heart. yup you’re right some buyers don’t care about the stats or anything from seller side.
wish you good luck for your future.!