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I had canceled 2 orders

I have got total 4 orders and I completed 2 successfully but the other 2, I had canceled, so my question is that, Is it harmful to my gig if I cancel any order?
here are my gigs-

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I’m no expert but it can be sometimes.

after that,
my gigs are just going down :sob::sob:

What was the reason which led you to cancel those orders? And what is the reason that you’ve posted your all gig links? :roll_eyes:

This might help you :slightly_smiling_face:

Order completions and cancellations FAQ

buyer actually said me to do some extra work on same price after their order @helloscoopz

and this post was my very fast post over here so i don’t know actually how should i write over here :grimacing::grimacing:

that was helpful @mr_kassa
thank you

Maybe you can explain to the buyer that you don’t do any extra work which is not mentioned prior to the order. And you may ask to accept gig extra. If they are not willing to accept those offers you may contact the customer support because there’s nothing you can do further. They’ll take a good decision depending on the situation. If you directly cancel the order by yourself the only thing you’ll get is reduce your order completion rate. Maybe contacting CS will do reduce the harm. maybe they’ll cancel the order without it affecting our completion rate since the seller has nothing to do on such situations.

Note : Everything i explained above is depends on various reasons. but doing so maybe you can have a benefit compared to cancelling it by yourself.

That’s ok.