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I had Finish my 12 Orders in Just 23 Days

Hey Guy,

myself Nitin(HDTuts) i had complete my 12 orders in just 23 days. I want to know when the Level 1 badge will be given!

ALL Reviews - 7

Negative - 0

Positive Reviews - 7

ORDERS CANCELLED - 8% (1 order cancelled bcz the buyer is not ready with his logo)

Please let me know?


Nitin Pujari


hi @hdtuts

I registered on fiverr on 8 Mei with 29 orders, 20 positive review and reach my Level 1 exact on 30 days in fiverr. Just a few hours ago… :wink:

Hope this helps

Good job! keep it up, you have a long way to go! :)>-

Congrats. And check out the following forum post to understand the risk doing the gigs you’re providing.

Example of a stolen template in your gig:

More information on the consequences can be found by Googling 'VideoHive Fiverr FAQ’

While top rated sellers may get their gigs deleted, new sellers with their gigs reported may risk having their accounts terminated permanently.

How do you know that you’ve reached Level 1, exactly? Are you supposed to see a notification? Thanks :slight_smile:


You will receive an email and a sudden pop up when you receive your Level 1 badged. I realized mine at 2 am this morning. LOL :wink:

Reply to @willpower_hk: good information! i will try to not to do that! thanks

when you will complete 30 days you will get it. Just maintain rating very high.