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I had just posted my new Gig yayyyyyyyyyy

I had just posted my new gig on fiverr.
Go watch my new gig and give me some suggestions.
Yes I am waiting


@abdullah123218 welcome Fiverr, your GIG is perfect send Buyer request for your initial job hope your Success


Thank you so much aishi😊


Hope for the Best. Goodluck.


All that for only $5? I imagine all that work would be worth a LOT more than just $5.

Have you considered charging more what you are worth?

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I’m kinda new here and trying to gain the trust of buyers by charging low for my services that’s why I’m offering much cheaper price than the other Sellers here

Just keep in mind, the lower you price your services, the more likely it will be that you attract cheap buyers who only wish to take advantage of you. Many sellers do suggest starting with low prices to gain new buyers, however, that is still a “scrape the bottom of the barrel” strategy. Your time, ideas, work, and knowledge are worth far more than a measly $5. I advise you not to give away your work at such a low price for too long. You’re worth more than that… and you’re not earning any notable profit when all you get to keep is $4 per order.

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I was going to raise the price once i got a few reviews

Good luck with your gig hope you can earn a lot from this market and fulfil your dreams!

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Thank you Brother :blush::blush::blush:

Most welcome brother! <3