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I had my first buyer cancel because he didn't read the description and it hurts a little in the *** (but happy end)

Well, here I am :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And in addition, I was insulted because the buyer was upset to have made a mistake: I provide music (audio), he thought it was video !!

This makes my gigs progress:

I added in all the descriptions: “I only provide audio (music), no video”

I created a FAQ: “do you provide VIDEO? No, I don’t provide VIDEO, I provide ONLY AUDIO (music)”

I added in the Requirements, a mandatory question “Do you understand I provide ONLY AUDIO (music), NO VIDEO? YES / NO”

Will this be enough?

(of course, I blocked the buyer, I will gladly leave it to others :innocent: and luckily I hadn’t delivered anything yet)

But I lost 3% of cancelation rate, which allows me to work on anger :pray:


Sadly we all go through that.
It does s*ck for sure!!
It’s bad enough when you have to cancel the order and your completion rate goes down, but
it’s even worse whey THEY sound angry when THEY are the ones who didn’t read the

I feel your pain, it’s OK, you’ll get over it.
Here, have a drink. :coffee: :champagne: :wine_glass: :cocktail: :beer: :cup_with_straw: :beverage_box: :tumbler_glass:
(not sure what you prefer…)


Definitely can be frustrating! You will come back stronger though!! Haha. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from @zeus777 , on how that huge For BUSINESS/COMMERCIAL/PROFIT MAKING purpose images please use GIG EXTRA. ( it will appear after placing the order, starting from $35 and up) gig description came about. haha share us your tips zeus!


Thank you I prefer ALL :yum: :ok_hand:


The fact you did not set this up before knowing that if you make music that obviously means you make audio, video, 3D, 4D, 5D stereo midi mini with bass and low and…

The joke stopped being funny.

But, yes, you should have done this before.

You need to make your GIG (everything) from a perspective of buyer such as:

“I need red tshirt design. So I am going on Fiverr and I shall google search red tshirt.”

Then he sees your profile photo.

“Maybe this guy can do it. he has red tshirt. That means something. Lets order and ask him.”


I have good news: After writing this post this morning, I thought to myself “s**t it’s not my fault, I’m going to ask customer service to cancel my cancelation rate” and guess what: they accepted.

So I drink anyway, but to celebrate! :yum:

I am attaching my message, which may be able to help other people in this situation, The buyer admitted having made a mistake in his cancellation request, this must have worked in my favor

I asked :

Hi, the buyer *********** ordered (Order #FOXXXXXXXX) my meditation music gig, where I provide only audio tracks (music), but he thought, by mistake, that I will provide video. (see attached chat)

We canceled the order, but I wish it didn’t impact my cancelation rate, because I am not responsible for the customer’s error, thanks

They replied :


******* here, and I will be glad to look into your order for you. I understand how inconvenient this situation may be.

Seeing as the buyer misunderstood the services offered in your Gig, I can confirm that this cancelation will no longer be affecting your Completion Rate.

If you have any further questions or issues, feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


Yes, I’m learning to clearly specify what we do and especially what we do not do in gig


That is so easy to understand that buyer can refuse but we should try to do more effectively

It happens.

I am a web content writer.

I DO NOT provide photos for the blogs I write.

I got tired of answering the same question over and over if I provide photos that I did the same thing you did in your FAQs and in the Gigs and anywhere else I thought it would make sense to post that I DO NOT provide stock photos.

Guess what?

So far, it has worked.

The moment I get an order from someone who includes a notation that they want stock photos I’ll know that that Buyer is not very good with details which is a warning to me.

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It goes to show, that if you’ve covered all your bases, filled out your gig description and requirements clearly and completely, and all of your correspondences with your customers are polite, professional and TOS compliant, it certainly doesn’t hurt to try and get CS’s input on a tough situation. The worst that can happen is that they won’t be able to help, but you may be pleasantly surprised. :smiley:

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My illustration gig is OK, the problem I have is my translation gig.
It’s written in HUGE letters on my gig image AND in my description to contact me first
because I charge extra for business translations, but boy oh boy, people do not read…
or simply play dumb and place an order without the gig extra, saying that “they didn’t see” the description.

Originally that part was only mentioned in the gig description, but once I added it in the gig image,
it DID help quite a bit.


The silver lining here (besides not having this cancellation count against you) is that it made you aware that with some buyers, you have to be very specific in what you will do and won’t do. Most are on a clicking spree when ordering, not really paying attention. Since you put it in the requirements part, where they should read it, this will guard you from being in this position again!

Glad it all worked out!


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@theratypist Yes we can learn a thing or two from @zeus777, maybe three or four, even more :rofl:

@looseink Ah good technique to identify those who will pose a problem. For me it will be those who ask the question “there is the video, isn’t it?”

@greystorm2 Yes, I believe that we should especially not attack the CS and manage to be concise (= explain the situation in a few words clearly, only the facts, and prove with screenshots)

@zeus777 Yes nice idea to add it in the Gig image also!

@genuineguidance Yes that should protect me, but who knows?

Thanks :pray:

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I know that even having it in requirements or in your Gig description what you will and won’t do is not a guarantee that some numbskull will not order anyways expecting something you do not offer in that Gig or package.

Maybe your new wording will at least help, right?


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I have a theory that the past two cancellation I had on my game script gig were because they thought I was an illustrator (even though it’s specifically writing!) and they probably just saw the gig image and thought “oh this is what I need”. Luckily CS helped me cancel both orders as well but it’s certainly a bit annoying.

I do think that writing a FAQ that specifies every single detail can help a lot (I’m working on one currently, too).
(… I also had a customer order a choose your own adventure story (specified in title and description) order one without knowing what it was but that ended really well with a big tip so things like that happen as well!)

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@katakatica Yes it is true that for my gig I have a presentation video (kaleidoscope) with the music, so those who do not read the description may think that the video is part of the gig (currently I do not sell videos because it monopolizes a computer for 4 days for rendering …)

Awesome way to use the requirements!!!

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FAQs are awesome but spelling out each detail in the requirements is the best idea! Have answers be mandatory so there are no mis understandings.

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