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I Had my first sale and didn't even know it


When I first Joined Fiverr last month I set up two Gigs. I stalked my notifications for 5 days and became discouraged when no sales came in. The next time I checked fiverr ,which was about 5 days later, I had 2 Orders!!! I was So happy I had finally done it! Then I realized One of the orders was late so I quickly finished both orders and sent them off. I then received a good review on the Late order and I was so surprised! This led me to realize Fiverr is an amazing site and the people on it are good people! Moral Of the story do not give up when you first start. Stay positive and continue to wait and the orders will come!


Reply to @sabiansoldier: Yes, Now i have learned my lesson! :slight_smile:


Reply to @suranji: Yourwelcome! I am still a newbie myself we are in this together!


Hmm…good advice for newbies like me…thank you :x


Haha that happens. Have you switched on email notifications so you dont have to stalk the site 24/7?