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I had my setting to offline?!

I just saw that I had my settings set to not show me online. I do not recall seeing that before but I have had it set to offline for who knows how long.


The same thing happened to me. I noticed it a few days ago.

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Your image shows you are online not off. It shows your “online status” as “green”. The drop down menu to the right gives you the option to go offline for a certain amount of time. If you were offline it would look like this.

I took that picture after I set it to online but thanks.

I’ve had that happen once when I changed some other setting (notifications or whatever), luckily, in that case, I noticed right away.

Since then, I assume it’s good to check this if you change whatever setting, at least (perhaps also if the app updates, if you use a different browser, if a windows update happens and logs you out everywhere, or just generally once a month or week, who knows, … :woman_shrugging: I don’t do, though, but that slider simply setting itself to offline when I changed an unrelated setting made me wary).

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