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I had order cancelled before I saw it

I am very angry because buyer have ordered a gig from me,and than just cancelled before I have even had chance to se it and respond to it.He said that he just changed his mind.Please tell me who I can complain for something that is not my fault?!

Don’t worry. This is not illegal or something. You didn’t work on that so no problem. Sometimes people order by mistake or in your case, buyer changed their mind.

You can expect cancellations often.

Just make sure to not agree to cancellation when you have done the work already after the order was placed.

Reply to @kay2809: I was going to say more, then thought you pretty much covered it. :slight_smile: So this is just to make sure I don’t end up with an empty reply box if I stop by again.

Reply to @itsyourthing:Haha. I see the bananas are doing the job very well today.

Reply to @kay2809: Ate the last one an hour ago. I need to buy more. :wink:

itsyourthing said: bananas also offer uhh, 'gentlemanly stamina'.
Dagnabbit, and I have a potassium problem.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Bananas? What did I miss? Can I have one?

@chelseanancy If you want to complain just to get it off your chest, The Ranting Pot is the correct place on the forum. Otherwise, what Kay said covers it. On another note, you might have meant to say “break” in your tagline. Good luck on Fiverr!

Reply to @fonthaunt: Kay asked, in the politest way possible, what I ate that gave me the energy (craziness?) to post wall of text comments. I answered the sarcasm with the almighty truth! :slight_smile:

In another thread I commented that bananas also offer uhh, ‘gentlemanly stamina’. So now bananas are a thing. I guess.

Reply to @itsyourthing: Bananas ARE a thing. I love bananas. Especially when smashed into puddings with graham cracker crusts and whipped cream on top. I guess by then it’s a banana cream pie. Mmm. I could write a wall of text after a slice of that. I cannot offer personal comment on the gentleman’s stamina issue, however.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Bananas are awesome just about any way!

Specifically it’s a combination of pineapple, orange and banana. Delicious and packs a wallop.

Reply to @ricksper: Too much potassium? I can give you a link to a wonderful “weird old tip” for gentlemanly stamina that will make you rich and… yeah… that…

Ok, it will make ME rich, but who’s paying attention?

Reply to @fonthaunt: I’m paying attention here.

This has become sooooo off topic, and yet moving it to Chit Chat as a new thread seems very wrong. :slight_smile:

Reply to @itsyourthing: Isn’t it how every thread goes here?

I’m still paying attention. Hoping for some useful information to come out.

I hope the OP got what they came for - before bananas took over.