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I had probably the worst month so far


I don’t know where in the world Fiverr has been advertising but I had the nastiest buyers this month. I don’t even remember the last time I had this much drama!

Some girl asked me to do a reading on whether her and her ex would get back together. I saw he will come back in the next few weeks but not romantically, and she left a negative review? What she asked for hasn’t even come to fruition yet. Not until 4 weeks!

Not only this, but she says my reading is a “cold reading” on her feedback which is a COMPLETELY a FALSE claim, and it even says in the Fiverr ToC that false claims aren’t allowed and should be removed.
After being nice to my buyer after through all of this, the buyer decided to change their review and messaged Fiverr to remove it but Fiverr doesn’t want to remove it.

I’m super stressed out - I know there are negative reviews from a buyer having a poor experience but I do not deserve THIS review. What is funny is the buyer actually wanted to BUY ANOTHER reading from me after leaving 1.3 stars! How fantastic is that I had to go through all of this just to make a 13 year old kid learn the reality of their relationship :slight_smile: But no! Fiverr has to take their side as opposed to mine. If it was ANYTHING I was actually being OVER generous to the buyer to make them happy but nope I get punished :slight_smile:

Then after taking my time casting a spell for a buyer (a different buyer,) the buyer left me a 3 star rating on a spell pulling the old “I have to wait to see the results” trick in the book. After nicely letting the buyer know what the rating system was, she changed it to 5 stars (great!) then messaging me saying if her spell didn’t come true that “shame on you if it didn’t” :slight_smile:

I just had to vent my experience with buyers this month. All my effort of having no negative feedback just so some kid could come and ruin it :slight_smile:


To be honest this is why I am wary of people with all 5 star reviews - there’s no accounting for some buyers. I’m sorry they happened to you though.


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It’s different for Psychics, people are more picky. If the buyer genuinely did not like my reading then I would have accepted it but the buyer even said they wanted to change it. Not only this but the feedback is still against ToS (cold reading is not a reading I offer,) AND the buyer even basically said to me “all Psychics on this site are fake.” She had a bias opinion on me before even buying my reading! Completely wrong on every level.


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This is where they have been posting their ads. :slight_smile:


I’m sad now help me please :pensive:


Would you like your help to be hot or cold?


Maybe inbetween would be good :slight_smile:


You did the right thing and vented this out…


I’m angry! This Feedback Removal stuff is ridiculous.


I personally think that the review system should have an extra step added to it.

Prior to leaving feedback, buyers should be asked to prove that they are not a robot by completing a basic human intelligence test. This could take the form of a multiple choice question such as:

What are camels well known for?




Cigarettes & Whisky

My guess is that the evil nasty reviewers would probably fail to pass the test and therefore, be unable to spread their insane malice and idiocy.


Lol I like that idea. But they would have to come up with a test for sellers as well before being allowed to sell.



I am sorry that happened to you. I don’t think they should get mad I mean I went to three psychics to try out and there was one reading I did not like but I did not take it out on the psychic besides it’s not your fault for being honest. Second just because the cards say one thing does not mean the situation can’t change it’s just the path they are walking now. I think the future is always changing and the information given should be taken as a guide not to as an attack, You were only doing your job and it is better to go to an honest psychic then one that sugar codes it. I can honestly say out of the psychics I tried I like you and violet most of all <3


I couldn’t agree more - Usually I easily use up my 10 offers a day in Buyer Requests, but for the last two or three days, I’ve used none… Maybe it’s just the queues I am in??? I am finding that there is really nothing I want to send an offer to. It’s very unusual.