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I had suddenly got my gig "Denied". Any help?

Hey guys! How’s it going?

Marco from Argentina here.

I had a gig uploaded for almost a year offering my services as a pro bass player and it was going pretty well. To make an improvement, I decided to change the name and add some styles to it to be able to match potential clients searches. After doing that, suddenly I got my gig “Denied”, claiming “General TOS violation”. Also, there’s a message on the stats that says “Video Denied”, when the only videos I had on my gig were about my songs. May I point out that I also made the videos.

I contacted Fiverr CS but had no response yet. Any feedback or help you can provide? I have no clue of what I did wrong. Didn’t use offensive language, I had no negative feedbacks and had 5 stars reviews. I just don’t get it.

Thanks in advance!


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Just doing this update for helping someone thinking in changing the name of your gig. My gig was “Denied” because I wrote “Level up” on the title. It seems that is quite offensive to add these words on the title…

Hope it helps!