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I had the privilege to create a video for a project of David Correy.. :)) (X-Factor 2012 USA)


Hey guys,

I am so happy with the work I receive the last 2 weeks and I am thankful to you guys for all the good tips you gave me in all these months!.. :)) Now last weekend I receive a order to create a custom video for a project were David Correy (x-factor 2012 USA) is working on. I was so happy to work on this wonderful project and want to share my heart and video with you. Tell me what you think of it…


Reply to @bachas85: Thanks…


That is way awesome!!! :slight_smile:

Must have been such an honor ^^


Reply to @psychicrainbow: Yes, that was really a honor to do this… ^^


This is really good :smiley: good job :slight_smile: