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I had to cancel many orders lately

Hey there

My order completion rate is about 95% average. But lately I had to cancel so many orders that this % is dropping a lot. I’m afraid to lose my level because of this.

Unfortunately these cancellations are just because buyers fault. why? Because they refuse to read my gig description/faqs/requirements or they read and just ignore it.

It is so frustrating to risk losing your level because abusive buyers simple don’t respect your gig conditions to get some work done.

I hope fiverr team change their mind about gig levels someday. It’s is frustrating to pay for someone else fault. And sellers have to deal with this every single day.


Ack, I completely get your frustration. Tbh, I don’t particularly mind the gig levels - but I do hope that the team makes a provision to exclude certain instances from the stat count like:

  1. Buyers placing orders by mistake
  2. Buyers asking for requirements that don’t fall under a particular seller’s domain (like asking for a logo when it clearly states you deliver taglines, etc)
  3. Buyers asking for more work than what the scope dictates and then cancelling the same when they do realise the extent

I hope they find a way soon to not let these instances interfere with the order completion rates.

Also, have you tried writing a message right on the top of your gig description to ask prospective buyers to inbox you first before ordering? Not sure if it’ll help, but it may help bring down the number of cancellations.

Good luck!