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I had to work for very low rates

I had to do 20,000 words at $35. Isn’t it a very low rate?
Shouldn’t Fiverr itself abandon such customers.
Share your experience

You enable them by taking the work as do thousands of others.

These buyers would go away if (thousands) of sellers here weren’t willing to do it.


True. I am really exhausted by him now.
I am worried about my order completion rate now

Then why did you agree to that price if it’s too low?

It’s always up to you to say no.


I had actually done one order for him. I had done my best in that but he constantly kept on saying that its not good.Later on, he said me to do a second order for him as I owe him. I had to agree.
He was sort of harassing me.
I had to write 20,000 words in $35 from which I know, I will get $28.Now, he is saying me to write a blurb and description for him as well which was not included in the budget at all

No, he was grooming you to think that way so you would let him exploit you. And that that’s what happened.

Regardless of your quality you don’t owe anyone future work period, let alone future even cheaper work.

Don’t enable people to mistreat you.


True. I agree. But I can’t do anything now.
I can’t afford order cancellation

That’s also incorrect. Why do you think you should let someone exploit you to protect your ratings? That’s so wrong. It really hurts my heart that so many sellers justify letting buyers abuse them and go out of their way to work for pennies. You’re voluntarily working for absurdly low pay just to protect your rating…

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That’s not the case at all.
I have spent a lot of time to write those 20K words.
It hurts when you spend a lot of time on a thing and it ends up getting ruined.
Its obviously a lesson for me in the future.

When did I day you didnt spend a lot of time? You misread what I wrote and this is irrelevant to my point.

It is, but you’re the one who accepted to write 20,000 words for $35.

Fiverr isn’t a babysitter. You determine your own prices, and it’s up to you to refuse to work for less. Fiverr can’t do it for you.

No, you didn’t. You could have said “no”.

Why not?

If the order is cancelled, the rights revert back to you, and you can publish those 20K words (perhaps with some changes, if there would be copyright issues like characters that the buyer owns) as your own book (and possibly earn way more than $28).