I hate advance rating system


Things which i have done to get $3.8 plus good rating

I worked 4 hours to complete the order.

I even go for an extra mile and made research for his topic for free.

I delivered the work just in 5 hours with the perfect solution.

What i got in return

Only 4 stars resulting my POSITIVE RATING down from 100% to 99%

It sucks, I hate this rating system, I hate it i hate it i hate it.

Why fiverr is not helping the sellers, we are the one who are generating revenue for them.

System will cost the fiverr the good sellers thats for sure.

Well I am out of here if i am not getting my 100% rating back.


Why fiverr don’t help the sellers

I just don’t understand.


Hey there,

If you feel as if you are offering too much in one gig, perhaps you should consider lowering the amount of things you deliver in one order. If I were you, I would message them and ask what you could do to change their mind to a 5 star experience. I also hate this new system, as I feel more-threatened to receive a “not-excellent” review. But with that being said, I do stand behind all of my work with pride.


It really hurt when you work for something with your heart for such a small amount in return, and than get a bad review even after doing every thing right.


Reply to @surfdude001: I don’t mind giving something extra to my clients

I try to give more than 100% to my clients i even offer them the free extra help with their project but it really put me in a really difficult position when they comment very nice work, great experience but still gave me the four stars. I mean what can i do in such situation.


Hey there,

First and foremost, Fiverr is going to take down that image due to usernames being revealed. Secondly, I was just message the buyer and ask them what more you can do, to win that 5th and final star.


Reply to @surfdude001: Thank you for heads up

i have changed the image


Damn, from 100% to 99%. Life sucks :wink:


Happened with me too :frowning: The star rating system is not good at all. While the thumb up and thumb down performs well. Fiverr’s management should do something.


Fiverr will not change their rating system, you have to adapt and move on.

Seller always complain about this and that and Fiverr change Nothing…


Hi every one I am a customer and I can tell you it, from my point of view, I don’t care about the ratings. I probably look at the ratings for a split second, because it only costs me a fiver, for the work to be done, what I find important is the right words from you when I am looking for some one to do my work, I have not hired some of you because of the wording in your pitch. Find out from the people who you do work for why they picked you, I hope this helps you.


Reply to @iceman340h: Thanks for being a great buyer.

And thank you for exploring another direction…buyers who get no benefit from ratings at all…

It sounds as if you’re fine with the past level of transparency…or no transparency besides the price at all :slight_smile:

Good buying to you today.

iceman340h said: Find out from the people who you do work for why they picked you,

I like this idea very much.


I also getting to receive 4 star instead of 5 star. Most of the time i know i have delivered what buyer expected. My thought is if I was unable to delight buyer he will newer leave 5 star rating. Further this will affect all sellers on fiverr. Near future ther will be very few sellers who have 5 star. Then it will not problem for all of us.


Yes! I am glad I’m not the only one! The new rating system made me want to eat my computer mouse and bang my head on the keyboard!

WHY would you do this?? I appreciate the notion of having a more in - depth rating system, but I think we should have kept the Thumbs system instead of this craziness. Pressure on the sellers to deliver quality goods is all well and good but somehow this star rating thing doesn’t feel that fair to me.