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I HATE Blooming Psychos!

Rant but not a rant really as this has nothing to do with Fiverr. However, I’m a bit shook up, to be honest, and not in an Elvisy good way.

So I’m walking my dog on his evening walk around the promenade in front of my apartment building. I live in a very sleepy fishing village and there is rarely if anything to worry about aside from speeding boy racers flying up the main road. That was until tonight.

I’m at the furthest end of the promenade you see, and I hear a bottle drop somewhere. I then look behind me and see this stereotypical Russian neo-Nazi sat on a bench at midnight in front of all the sleeping apartments, swigging on a bottle of Vodka. The bottle I heard drop in the meantime, is rolling by his feet on the floor.

Now why I know this guy is Russian is because I have seen him about once or twice and heard him speaking. I’ve also noticed him give me the evil eye on a couple of occasions and thought to myself ‘what??’

Anyway, I’m not in the habit of agitating big Russians on benders. In this case, I whistled to my wee dog to backtrack the way we had come. And then the fun starts. You see out the corner of my eye, I saw this Russian get up quickly and start walking as if to cut me off at the next little turn back towards the main road. I didn’t panic too much though as I was well aware that I was probably just being paranoid.

The problem? I wasn’t being paranoid. For ten minutes I had to try and keep my cool and not look visibly agitated as this Russian played a silent game of cat and mouse with me, either by following me or cutting me and my dog off. Then the psycho started playing machine gun sounds on his phone in the process.

Anyway, finally, I got to the point where I could make a line for my apartment building. Ideally, I wouldn’t have done this as I don’t want this person to know where I live. However, I literally had no choice as nowhere is open this late and there was only a straight line to nowhere if I had just kept walking straight ahead. Taking my dog off the lead inside my building entrance, I then saw this Russian pretend simply to be playing with his phone directly across the street from my door.

Now, what on Earth gives people this kind of insane psycho attitude to begin with? Were they born by mothers with nitric acid for amniotic fluid? It’s really peed me off and got me so shook up that I have a bread knife and bottle of wine set up ready to grab if there is an unexpected knock at the door later.

The worst part of it all is the vibe this guy was putting off. He was like this big evil blot that nothing and no one could touch, just waiting for some kind of opportunity to go fisticuffs mental. - And that’s the thing. Until they do, there is nothing anybody can do to stop them.

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Wow, that must’ve been terrifying!

Some of the steps people take in situations like these are:

  1. Pretending to call someone who you’re supposed to meet up with then and there.
  2. Calling the POLICE.
  3. Using your given talent of voice to make people aware of the situation!

I’m glad to hear you’re safe and your dog is still happy!

:bulb: Joe


Yes, I did everything wrong. I didn’t have my phone and no one would have heard if I had shouted. My best bet would have been to pick up my dog and run but I was wearing stupid shoes.

Work out, build muscles, learn karate/boxing/MMA.

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Eee that’s horrible.:fearful:
Once Anjy and I were getting back from School to home when I was in 6th standard.There was a psycho just like this Russian guy and he started teasing us.
Anjy picked up a pebble and loudly asked me “Aman I just want to hit this pebble to someone”. When the guy heard this he run away,leaving us to laugh hard.Euuu. :joy:


Oh my, everything wrong in a bad situation! Lessons to be learnt: Never leave your home AT NIGHT without your cell! & never wear UNRUNNABLE shoes in case you have to run from a drunk zombie :wink:

:bulb: Joe

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That nutjob was getting a kick out of being a prick!

I remember a group of people with Nazi armbands - looked like teens, early twenties at most - eyeing me as I walked by at a very famous park in Orlando once. It was daylight and there were many people around, so that was a bit comforting. I still remember it.

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Scary ordeal. :open_mouth:

Along with a cell phone, arm yourself with a taser, mace or cattle prod… Yeah, something like that.
I’m so glad you and :dog2: are safe!


Very creepy. It’s indeed better when they don’t know where you live. You probably should try to find out about him/them as you possibly can. It’s always good to know (about) the enemy.


…so you become more of an irresistible challenge to creepy people, because people who aren’t right tend to think, well not right. And alcohol tends to further muddy cognitive reasoning.

.so while you’re impressing them with your moves, they pull out their weapons of choice. Truthfully, learning organized combat sports doesn’t really help when people are adept at street fighting and carry quite a few dangerous objects.

@nikavoice How exactly does carrying a cattle prod not attract attention (usually of the wrong sort)?

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Glad you’re safely home.

I am glad to know that you are safe. Next time you go outside, do not forget to take your phone with you. Who knows what can happen?

Some nut was running up to me in a huge parking lot, crossing several lanes on the run with his eyes fixed on me as I was going to my car, no one around,
and I had just purchased an oar for my kayak. I backed up into a lane where cars would drive through, although none did, and held the oar ready to swing it at his head, in a fighting stance, and he veered off at the last minute, muttering and looking hatefully at me.

I looked like too much trouble to do whatever he was going to do.

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That´s why I never wear high heels when walking my dogs.

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Who knows, but something is better than nothing. :smile:

What a story, you were literally saved by an oar.

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I actually had the thought: “now I can put to use all those karate lessons”.

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