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I hate fiver


I have to pay FRAGGLESROCK $100. Fiver does not tell me how much I have paid or if the total price asked for has been paid. There is no contact web page to even answer simple questions. I am about ready to take out a full page add in the NY Times telling people not to use FIVER!


You can see items you have purchased and for how much if you roll over your username in the top right hand corner. Select “my orders” and they will be there. Also, fiverr ask that you not name user ids in posts here, so I would recommend that you remove their ID by chosing “edit” at the top of your post. You can also contact customer support by clicking the button at the top of this page:

Fiverr Customer Support


A full page Ad in the NY Times…that will be a waste of money.


@steveeyes, but cheaper if one gets a fiverr seller to design said ad.


@alysmcdonough How ironic…


Reply to @steveeyes:

Indeed. A full page ad in the NYT is a little over $100,000. Yikes!


hey can we give you some of our gig links to add in that NYT article ? Joke :slight_smile:


lol Really your a buyer!!!

Fiverr will back you up even with a full refund!!!

Fiverr is 100% for the buyer!!!

So shut the fuc# up and just get your damn refund!!!


You’re an idiot.

You didn’t even begin to look for anything that you needed.