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I hate getting Fiverr's Choice

Hello. So here is my tiny rant. Whenever I get Fiverr’s choice, I end up getting swamped with low quality enquiries and some dense people who end up ordering the cheapest gig when I’ve specifically mentioned to contact me before placing an order. I had two of these recently. One ordered a 1 minute video when my lowest gig is only for 30 seconds. The other sent 20gb of footage for a 30 second video, which again I don’t allow. What I suspect is that the badge gives buyer’s the illusion that the person is vetted and they will deliver whatever they want to maintain their status (or they’re just daft and cheap and trying their luck).

I usually turn down over 90% of enquiries, so these just are unnecessary hassles for insignificant amounts on projects that I’m forced to work upon (I care about keeping my perfect stats so I find the thought of canceling atrocious). Is there a way to NOT get Fiverr’s Choice?


Raise your rates and stop using “fast” and “any kind” as your value proposition. It makes you look desperate and prime for exploitation.

You may be more prominent to low level buyers with Fiverr’s Choice but being prominent opens the door to bad buyers, but it’s lowballing of yourself that encourages them to open it.


My rates are at $75 for the absolute lowest gig. When I feature on the first page, I’m surrounded by people who are TRS with over 4000 reviews offering their services for $25. Some do 10 minute videos for $30-50. There’s very, very few people who are more expensive than me in my category at the moment. I’ve already raised my prices about 5 times over the last 2 months since I couldn’t keep up with demand but I’m wondering how you’d go about this. At some point people are going to go “Is this guy really 5 times better than a guy with 4000 5 star reviews”? On a side note, I don’t know why people grossly undersell themselves here.


Also, that was my gig description when I first started it, so there’s no way I can change it now either way. I didn’t even know if my gig would take off initially. I’m just glad I didn’t add within 24 hours in the title :sweat_smile:

$75 isn’t a high enough price at all for “super fast” and “anything”.

When you position yourself as being open to do whatever people want on their terms, you will attract people who want to take that to the extreme.

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Of course you can change your gig title and description. I’ve done that countless times.

And I’m just telling you why you’re attracting jerks. I don’t see the point in getting defensive ad I’m helping you.

Your whole complaint is that you’re attracting jerks. I’m telling you why that’s happening.


I wouldn’t say that I “hate” it but now I can safely say there is a problem in the way Fiverr’s Choice gigs are presented to buyers.

I don’t know that they’re getting pop-ups or notifications (the way we do when we get orders like this) that they are about to get the best experience ever from the best seller ever and they should just kick back, relax and behave in the most entitled way possible. But sometimes it sure feels like it.

Most of Fiverr’s Choice buyers didn’t contact me before placing the order (while I request people do to so as well) or fill out the brief at all. I had to cancel a few orders because they requested me to do something I clearly, and I mean, clearly don’t do. One left me 2*, insulted my work, then came to my inbox to threaten me to remove the response to that review. Someone yesterday placed an order they needed “by tomorrow” while I don’t offer extra fast deliveries. The file with the brief in it was corrupted and I couldn’t open it. Of course, they didn’t message to ask if it was possible.

While most of my Fiverr’s Choices experiences ended up being your normal fiverr experiences, it feels at times that I’m made to “defend the platform’s honor”, to prove buyers wrong, to blow them away to an unrealistic degree, etc. It creates an unhealthy dynamic and I think it can be fixed with how Fiverr’s Choice gigs are presented to the buyer. Fiverr themselves can’t be loving us canceling or getting threats or first negative reviews in years over the gigs they enthusiastically recommend.

I think one can stop receiving Fiverr’s Choice orders after cancelling or getting negative reviews on enough of them. That’s my theory.


I’d be tempted to raise the price again. People clearly want to buy from you. The problem is you are never going to be able to stop the ‘jerks’ from purchasing your gig, so you may as well benefit from the pain by getting more money for the same work.

Remember, in just the same way that you can increase your price, you can decrease it as well if you feel you’ve pushed it just a little too far beyond what the market is prepared to pay.


I’m sorry you had to go through that. Also, it’s heartening to know that it’s not just me that faces this problem. There’s definitely problems with the way a seller is penalized in almost every way possible for faults of Buyer’s as well. I’m surprised more people here don’t rally together and demand a fix to very easily fixable bugs like not being able to use the revision button beyond the stipulated number of times, etc and more forgiving cancellation policies. As it stands, it’s almost exploitative and we still willingly sign up for it

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I wasn’t being defensive at all. I was just stating my challenges. :slight_smile: Also, I don’t feel like I’m attracting a certain kind of people unless Fiverr literally puts a badge on me since almost no one directly orders otherwise. The base gig is also mostly just a marketing gimmick since only about 5% of people actualy need a 30 second video, so my average order value is actually $120 and this included a lot of $5 and very low value orders when I was starting off. As I said I turn down 90% of people and vet who I work with, so unless situations like this occur, no one gets to take advantage of the ‘super fast’ and ‘anything’. Which is why I posted this in the rant section to begin with. We as sellers should have the option to cancel these kind of orders without penalties and have the option to opt out of promotions like these. Hope this clarifies my stance!

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True. I shall expirement with this once I become a level 2 seller in a few days. Thanks for the insight!

To be honest with you, I wanted to write to CS about this. Share my concerns and overall experience with the feature as soon as it became obvious that what I’m experiencing is a trend and not a coincidence.

If I learned anything from the calls and the chats with fiverr representatives through the years, it’s that they appear to be unaware of the most obvious issues (from a seller’s standpoint) certain features of this site have.

They make an effort and will occasionally reach out to the community for feedback but then look genuinely surprised when you tell them that your biggest issue with the site is still the cancellation policy, for instance.

In this particular case, however, I decided not to say anything for the time being. I don’t know how the mightly algorithm favors people who bite the hand that feeds them and I wouldn’t want to find out.

I find Fiverr’s Choice manageable right now. The same way I found “let’s turn off the autocomplete feature and make sellers mark orders as complete themselves” manageable. It’s frustrating at times but manageable.

We’re not the only two people experiencing this. I saw someone here being far less politically correct about the quality of buyers Fiverr’s Choice brings. :slight_smile:

It’s not a bug. It works the way it does deliberately. To prevent you from slamming the door into your buyer’s face and encourage you to go the extra mile. I’m very strict about the number of revisions I provide and don’t have a problem with it, really. People who constantly have a problem with it are usually the people who have difficulty saying “no”.


The Fiverr could send us sometimes a survey to know what they can improve, to turn the experience better for sellers and buyers.

“This Revision Button don’t make sense, if your Gig have 0 revision the buyer can open a revision without pay for it… or if your gig have 3 revision the buyer can open more than 3”

Well if the Fiverr wanna earn more money, they need fix this issue above for everytime that a buyer open a revision without have one, he need pay for it.

Both Sellers and Fivver will earn much more, as you know the sellers can charge the price that they want for additional revisions


This is going a bit off-topic and the conversation is done to death so I’m not sure I can contribute something enlightening to it.

Introducing the mandatory “pay to revise” feature will increase the overall number of negative reviews and cancellations and the forum and CS will drown in complaints and sob stories.

The minimal order price is $5. The minimal extra price is also $5. Just imagine for a second the armies of indignant buyers going “I was forced to PAY DOUBLE for a minor text update”.

Fiverr was built a certain way and I don’t think they plan to do anything with the revision button. It’s my opinion based on what I’ve read, what I’ve heard and my overall experience on the platform.

I offer 2 rounds of revisions, then the person can pay $15/per round for another 3 if the revision requests are reasonable. (I don’t consider “I don’t like it” a reasonable revision request, for instance). 95% of the time it’s manageable. You say “sorry no”, people pay up. 5% of the time the experience can be quite unpleasant but I’ll take 5%.

Sellers are afraid to stand their ground and offer 67 rounds of revisions for a $5 order (it’s an actual number, I’ve seen the post about this case). I would argue that sellers like this are the part of the problem and one of the main reasons why buyers have trouble wrapping their heads around the fact that not all sellers offer unlimited revisions or any revisions at all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get “pay to revise” feature. But I don’t think fiverr’s going to implement it. You are free to add an extra for a revision and enforce it as per your gig terms.

PS I actually bought a gig from someone new recently. She delivered the files and along with that, sent me a revision extra which I could purchase if I wanted to fix something. I thought it was a pretty genius way of offering a certain amount of paid revisions.


This is a good idea, i’ll see this option to delivery and send extra revision to purchase. This is a good idea to use when the buyer open revisions without have. (of course explain that the buyer reach the limite and if they would like more changes they can accept a additional revision)

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