I hate it when buyers do not read Gig descriptions! :(


When they do not read the description, and ask me to do something I clearly stated I WILL NOT do in my gig description, I must cancel the order which can make you lose your levels! :’(

Also, sometimes the buyer will get mad at me because I will not complete their order… even though I said clearly I would not do such things in the gig description!

There should be an option to cancel because buyer did not understand gig (or something similar), and it should not have a negative effect on the seller.


I agree, there should be an option where the seller can click ‘reject order’ or ‘cancel’ because the buyer did not understand the gig.

I bet even the people with 1,000s of positive reviews might have cancelled at least a few dozen gigs, did it effect their levels? If it didn’t then I think if there are more sales than cancellations, fiverr wouldn’t decrease levels (unless it gets out of control, of course).

That’s just my opinion, I might be wrong


Reply to @arnevb: Wow, really? How many cancellations did you have and approximately how many sales (if you don’t mind sharing) at that time? I might have to keep this in mind


Reply to @arnevb: Yep. :’(


Reply to @prohelper27: Hello. As you sell more gigs, you will no doubt encounter more of these buyers who just won’t listen.

Never do a forced cancellation since it negatively effects your ratings. Do a mutual cancellation and explain to the buyer that if he does want this thing that you won’t deliver, you will do it for “X” more gig orders like 5 more gig orders since this was clearly stated in your gig that you won’t do it for one gig.

Or another suggestion is to quickly start a new similar gig which offers everything he wants, but add the heavy stuff into your gig extra. Nothing wrong with this.

I try not to order turn buyers down, but if something they want is out of scope, I always ask them to purchase more gigs. Most of the time, they will understand. For the ones that don’t, start a mutual cancellation.


princemaxx said: I agree, there should be an option where the seller can click 'reject order' or 'cancel' because the buyer did not understand the gig.

This is a reject order option. It's called "Mutual Cancellation" ;)


Reply to @hotwebideas: Normally, I would offer them to order more Gigs if they were requesting something that just required a little more work or something like that…

But this is more of a I CAN’T do it, it’s not possible for me to do it. Which is why I clearly stated in my Gig description that I will not do it.


I sent Fiverr a message regarding a negative feedback I got recently.

They sent me this

"Please note that occasional order cancellations every once in a while won’t have a negative effect on your account’s standing. You can also use additional measures to prevent buyers from placing orders until you have all necessary information that you would need to complete your work - just specifically ask your buyers in gig description to contact you in advance and provide their requirements to you prior to placing an order on your gig. "


Reply to @hotwebideas: "This is a reject order option. It’s called "Mutual Cancellation"

Yes, but the point is… mutual cancellations effect your levels. You can lose your level(s) if you have a few mutual cancellations. This has happened to several here on Fiverr.

So, what I am saying… is to make an option where we can reject the order if the buyer is asking us to do something we clearly said we wouldn’t or if it violates TOU, or anything like that… and NOT have it effect our (the seller) negatively, because it’s not our fault! It’s not fair that we get punished for such things like that. I’m not saying the buyer should be punished either… but since it was their mistake, we as the seller should most definitely not be punished for it!


Reply to @princemaxx: Thanks for posting that response from support.

I knew that a cancellation every now and then won’t hurt, Fiverr is reasonable. But what if you get 3 in a row? (it can easily happen if you get tons of orders!) That will most likely effect your levels! So, I still think their should be an option where we can reject the order if the buyer is asking us to do something we clearly stated we wouldn’t or that violates the TOU, etc. and NOT have it effect the seller negatively, as it’s just not fair when it was the buyers mistake and we have no control over it and are forced to ask for mutual cancellation.


Something like that would be nice, even if it meant having to go through a review board or something first. I recently received an order from someone that wanted a trailer done for their erotic stories - something I clearly state I will not do. I had to start a mutual cancellation. I know this sort of thing will happen more often as sales pick up, and I hate to think my rating might become a yo-yo based on cancellations.


There is an option for mutual cancellation and thats perfect, only if the buyer is not a dumb


Thanks for posting Fiverr CS response, princemaxx but one like irks me:

princemaxx said: just specifically ask your buyers in gig description to contact you in advance

That would be helpful if buyers did actually read the description and follow that. It still doesn't solve the issue of cancellations due to not reading the description. I've had a number of buyers asking me to sign up to things through my Facebook but I'm unwilling to sign up to anything, let alone through Facebook - I keep my personal and business life separate as much as possible. I've also had buyers who have ordered multiples - one ordered 16 orders at one time - but my gig description says to contact me before ordering more than 4 at once. This is right at the top and the first line the buyer reads but it still gets ignored so having it doesn't work for all situations :(


Reply to @aingham69: AGREED! We can be as clear as can be in our descriptions… but there are still going to be those that just skip reading the description completely, or barely skim over it. :frowning:


Happened to me today, …what took the cake was the buyer “cursed me out” after i explained that more attention is needed to read the gig description, and that it affects our ratings as sellers… what I got back in the reply was basically " #$@$ $#$)%)@ " :slight_smile:

I ignored …so not fair.


It’s getting worse! - http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/4151/unbelievable-getting-a-little-ticked-and-not-sure-what-to-do-help#Item_1


Reply to @prohelper27: Keep your head up dear, I met a fair share of “fruit cakes” not sure if I am allowed to swear on here. Yeah yesterday and today has been really bad for me. I can barely complete anything because of inconsistencies and them buying blatantly. I could actually go on forever complaining , but there is no use. Been grumpy all day long.


Ah i know how you feel, i had this one customer where i completed the gig to my top abilities and even did 2 gigs in 1 as they were a returning customer, however when selecting a different gig they tried saying i never did the gig and demanded a refund, i had to explain to them on multiple occasions that, that is not part of the gig, please read the description of the gig again until they finally understood. so frustrating!


Just did a meme.


2nd Buyer Thought: