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I Hate Losing

I don’t know about other people here, but I’m super competitive, especially as it pertains to the quality of my work. That said, I just need to rant about absolutely nothing for a few minutes before I explode into a thousand tiny pieces.

I have a gig where I write professional Amazon listings and I do quite well. I honestly have no reason to complain, other than that I am consistently losing business to the only guy/team ahead of me.

While I could overlook this fact if he was indeed better, here’s why I want to scream:

  1. He’s selling Amazon listings for America, but he’s in Egypt.
  2. There are five people accessing that account to write listings and I’m just solo.
  3. He speaks English…barely…and even has numerous errors written INTO his current gig page. I mean, GAHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  4. He offers unlimited revisions, entire free listings and undercuts me every other week.
  5. A professional content and SEO person that hired us both even told me that his listing came in broken English and that she was seriously underwhelmed.

I hate losing so much I can’t stand it. I hate losing to people like this beyond words.

That is all.

I need words of wisdom folks, so let me have it, even if I’m a total jerkface.

Take a deep breath. I can understand your frustration. Even if his English is not 100% he probably gets tons of business from non native English speakers. I do German voice overs here on Fiverr and I am always amazed at the lack of the quality translations my clients receive from other Fiverr sellers . There are sellers that offer translation work and have 1k+ sales and are not even natives. A lot of buyers don’t care though, it seems to be a great opportunity for them to get cheap work, others simply don’t know any better. There are a lot of pros here on Fiverr but also a lot of wanna be professionals. Don’t compare yourself to others and be proud of the quality work you have to offer. Your clients value you for your professionalism and quality and not for a cheap price which is a good thing. This is why you became a TRS ;).

Oh, I forgot to mention the worst part. He charges more than I do!

Maybe you should adjust your prices as well, I think you would still get plenty of business ;). Don’t sell yourself short.

Thanks for the positivity, I do appreciate it.

I have no idea about my “competitors”… I don’t know who is ahead of me or who is not…I don’t know about other sellers in my category. I just do my work and get done with it. I don’t come to Fiverr to compete with other people. Had my life gone perfectly well and had been on the career path that my parents wanted for me - getting my engineering degree from a top college, do my MBA at Harvard/Wharton, join a top company like Google/ GE…I would probably think in those terms. Well, I did go to a top engineering college, but failed to graduate…since then my only goal is to stay busy and stay productive. Not to compete or look at others. I really have no idea who are the other sellers in my category and where I am positioned in the results. I get enough work and stay busy 12-15 hours a day, that’s all I want.

Dude, I love how you’ve always got something good to say on here. I’d high five you if I could somehow do that digitally.


There is nothing wrong with promoting yourself as a real American writing in your native language rather than pretending to be American, one who delivers top quality content rather than descriptions written in bad English.
As a writer who can promote products on Amazon you are smart enough to promote yourself and explain why you are the best.

Same here, in all honesty, I could care less what my competitors on here are doing, mainly because in my mind I KNOW I can do the job better and the funny thing is there must be some truth to this because now I’m getting other sellers on here trying to outsource my work and claim it as their own, LOL.
So my only advice to you is to ignore what everyone else is doing and compete with YOURSELF, keep improving and doing the best work YOU can possibly do! :slight_smile:

@writer99025 Well said. ˝Comparison is the thief of joy˝.

Thinking about it, I don’t think I am the right person to offer career advice to anyone on Fiverr as I am in a semi-retirement to be honest, don’t support anyone except myself and my expectations from Fiverr are different from most people.

Man, You cannot succeed by competing with someone. Just do your work well and your regular buyers will be coming back.
If you will choose to compete, there is a high probability that you will lose hope along the way
Drink a glass of water, calm down and do your own task
You will succeed because of who you are
You have said that the guy is not an English native. Just forget about him. Do your own work. i hope this will help

I don’t have competitors. Never had. I simply have people who are better than me. I learn a few things from them too :smiley:

There’s one seller who was a top rated seller even before I joined Fiverr. I used to sell at only $5. I mean, I charged $5 for a complete website which took me around 5 days to build. Then I saw this gig where this guy was charging 30 times more and still getting an amazing amount of sales.

So, I raised my price :smiley: Thanks to the customer offer thingy, I was able to make more money.

I don’t actually keep my eyes on people who are working in the same category. I consider them as my colleagues.

Everybody makes money. Everybody remains happy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

After all, at the end of the day, we are all a family :slight_smile:

PS: I am still frustrated that i didn’t make much this month :smiley: