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I hate the notifications for review after review

I hate getting dozens of notifications and messages reminding me to do reviews.

Turn off that shit.

I gave a great review, now I just want to do transactions, I don’t want to give a ■■■■■■■ review every single transaction. And then you double down and now YOU WANT YOUR OWN review.

Let me turn IT OFF GOD DAMN IT.


Reviews are very valuable to sellers. Having more reviews than a competitor (assuming both sellers have 5 stars) can be the deciding factor when buyers look for the most qualified sellers.

Less than 50% of my buyers leave a review, which is unfortunate because having 1200 reviews with an average of 5 stars would look a lot more appealing than my current 500 reviews.

It takes only a few seconds, but can help the seller tremendously.


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I don’t think you can turn it off, but you CAN report any seller who asks for a review, as that is against the ToS. As you’ve noticed, you get bugged by Fiverr enough. You don’t need sellers bugging you in addition to that.

Let’s be realistic - it takes 30 seconds or less to click on a few stars and write something like “Good communication, fast delivery and great work”.

That 30 seconds of your time helps informs future buyers about the quality of a seller’s offering.

Are you telling me you didn’t read a seller’s feedback before placing an order?

Leaving appropriate feedback is part of being a positive member of the Fiverr community.

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I leave a review. I don’t need to see 10 reviews from the SAME PERSON.
If I buy a service, 20 times I am ok skipping the “review process” 18 times.
But what annoys the shit out of me is having my notifications fill up with the stupid software telling me to review the transaction 18 times. Then it tells me hey gives your private feedback on the seller 18 times.
Then it tells me hey you never told us anything, you still have time to give us feedback.
I have to click on every ■■■■■■■ notification in the notifications list to “mark it as read”.
To further poor salt into my wound it is difficult to actually tell which item in the list is the unread notification.
This has literally turned me off to even buy something it is so annoying.

That does look like a bad user experience. I feel for repeat buys there should be a “re-review” every few sales, not every single time.

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